Budgeting (MP) You created a budget because you have both short and long term goals. You want a better car, bigger home or maybe it’s time to purchase that vacation condo in Belize. However, your plan concerning that big expense is seemly drifting away because you’re having a hard time staying on budget. You […]

(MP) I wanted to give you the best money management tips for couples because truth be told that’s where most relationships fall into trouble. It seems men and women have different ideas about money: men tend to take more risks and don’t save for emergencies, while women tend to see money as a security issue, […]

Budgeting (MP) Who needs a personal budget? Anyone who spends money. Matter-of-fact, as soon as you start spending money, it’s time to start tracking your spending and that’s the principle idea behind creating and following a budget. By sticking to a monthly budget you’ll have a peace of mind. With your budget in place, you […]

Budgeting (MP) If you’re on a tight budget you need to know “How to Save Money” and you need it now.  Most people don’t track their monthly spending and thereby spend more money than necessary.  People would be surprised at the amount of money they already have to save,  if only they knew where to look. […]