(MP) When the time comes to turn up your savings game, money market accounts (MMAs) may provide you a great option. By opening an MMA, what you have is a secure place to park your funds while growing your balance at competitive rates. This is a power move tactic in the money management game of […]

(MP) In today’s low-yield world, how to you find high-yield savings rates in America’s best banks?  The typical brick-and-mortar savings account now delivers a national rate of 0.06% and mere 0.81% in interest on a $10,000 balance, down from a measly 0.1% last year. MONEY PACERS sought out Forbes and GoBankingRates to find America’s best […]

For most of us, the challenge is not in finding a mortgage loan, but it’s sorting through the myriad of banks, online lenders, mortgage brokers and others waiting to take your loan application. So, how do you sort through the maze and choose which lender will offer you the best deal? First, go to the […]

Banking (MP) With private investment banks pools expected to top $70 trillion over the next four years and the number of millionaires forecast to top 16 million globally by 2016, more high-net-worth people and executives are using the services of private investment banks than ever before. Sometimes known as personal portfolios — these investment banks […]

Banking (MP) A number of you guys have inquired about whether money market accounts (MMAs) are a better savings options as opposed to regular savings. I’m glad you asked. Now, to answer any future queries on the subject the answer is “Yes.” Most financial experts recommend you to open MMAs to park emergency funds, home […]