It’s no surprise that credit card debt is a big concern but what many don’t know is their neighbors are using their tax refund to eliminate debt.   New data from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling found that 39 percent of households are carrying a balance on their cards from month to month — and […]

INSURANCE (MP) Most car lease companies require you to maintain full-coverage or auto insurance to protect both you and themselves. This means both liability and collision/comprehensive coverage. If you plan to lease your next car or are already leasing, you know that lease companies require extended insurance coverage, which makes it important to shop for […]

(MP) When the time comes to turn up your savings game, money market accounts (MMAs) may provide you a great option. By opening an MMA, what you have is a secure place to park your funds while growing your balance at competitive rates. This is a power move tactic in the money management game of […]

  Frugal Living (MP) If you are looking to save money there are plenty of frugal living ideas out there that can help your family reach its goals.  Implementing this list help my family save $100’s of dollars per month and yours will too! Here are 11 frugal living tips to help you get started: […]

  Budgeting (MP) You created a budget because you have both short and long term goals. You want a better car, bigger home or maybe it’s time to purchase that vacation condo in Belize. However, your plan concerning that big expense is seemly drifting away because you’re having a hard time staying on budget. You […]