If you’re a Millennial starting out in your career you have plenty of time to save and compound interest can be a powerful retirement planning tool for you in your quest for wealth building. Like most Millennials, you’ve probably already started putting money aside for retirement.  Your counterparts are saving a bigger chunk of their paychecks, […]

During past times, many retirees moved from New England, California, and the Midwest to the sunny and least densely populated Sun Belt, where low taxes and the warm weather became friends. Today, many Americans are venturing much farther to enjoy retirement life at a low cost. Thousands are migrating to Asia, South America, Europe and […]

Retirement (MP) As you consider plans for your retirement savings, it’s important to review the best options available before deciding on the right solution. Your plan should begin by taking full advantage of your 401k (including catch-up contributions if you are age 50 or over) and contributing to an IRA and other tax-advantaged investments to […]

(MP) Asking a 25-year-old to save for his 75-year-old future self is like asking him to give money to a stranger. But, simply put starting retirement savings at a young age it’s more lucrative. But, that may not be you. So, what can you do? Start saving with an eye on money management, keep saving, […]

  Choosing retirements plans can easily be confusing, especially if you’re new to financial products like the Roth IRA. But, you should understand investments can also be taxing, because they are taxable. The trick is selecting tax-sheltered retirement savings plans. Uncle Sam provides you great opportunities to put money into tax-sheltered retirements savings in by […]