If you’re a Millennial starting out in your career you have plenty of time to save and compound interest can be a powerful retirement planning tool for you in your quest for wealth building. Like most Millennials, you’ve probably already started putting money aside for retirement.  Your counterparts are saving a bigger chunk of their paychecks, […]

When it comes to commercial real estate, we mainly think about the houses and apartments brought by people for personal usage, but property planning is not restricted to residential properties.  Commercial property planning and legal responsibilities are as complicated as residential real estate. In fact, the risk factor is higher for a commercial real estate […]

(MP) Donald Trump’s November presidential election victory sent shock waves through the markets momentarily shaking financial stocks to their core. The dust has settled and in 2017, many believe internet stocks will offer the best room for growth. “This sector is (largely) about innovation over infrastructure…code over cement…and we think this has been and will […]

During past times, many retirees moved from New England, California, and the Midwest to the sunny and least densely populated Sun Belt, where low taxes and the warm weather became friends. Today, many Americans are venturing much farther to enjoy retirement life at a low cost. Thousands are migrating to Asia, South America, Europe and […]

(MP) Personal financial management is a subject that is not taught in many schools or homes but is something that nearly everyone has to deal with in throughout their lives. According to a recent survey of effective financial habits, only 30 percent of Americans knew how to handle their money. In Russia, 96 percent of […]