The adventure and thrill which generates from watching the animals within their natural habitat are really incomparable, which brings to mind the Tadoba Tiger Resort.  Travelers who are passionate about wildlife know about this tiger reserve located in the north-eastern Maharashtra Dist. of Chandrapur.  They even know the right ways to spot them.  Here are some […]

(MP) In the Balkans the most iconic images associated with Montenegro are of the tiny islet Famed for its’ beauty named Sveti Stefan or St. Stefan. It’s attached to the coast by a narrow isthmus, the island lies across the bay from Villa Miločer and the resort’s stand-alone Aman Spa, and together these historic sites […]

Paradise is a having your wedding in one of the many tropical destinations around the planet. Many couples can only dream about taking their vows surrounded by palm trees; clear skies and sandy beaches which are truly a spectacle to behold. Luckily, these days most hotels around the world provide wedding services. Choosing the location […]

As the first holiday for newlyweds, the honeymoon should be special and romantic. Honeymoon destinations are numerous and diverse, and luckily everyone can find the place that will make them happy and satisfied. Whether you prefer to stay on a secluded island in the middle of the ocean or enjoy the beauties of enchanting European […]