Shopping (MP) Keeping track of the top Halloween costumes for 2015 can be a daunting process. If you’re not careful before you know it Halloween creeps up and you’ve run out of time. Not to worry, this year I’ve searched the net to bring you the cheapest and most trendiest Halloween costume ideas for 2015. […]

Shopping (MP) Saving money at Walmart isn’t exclusive to the middle class plenty of millionaires like BeyoncĂ© Knowles and Justin Bieber shop there too. Even pols like Mitt Romney is getting in on the action. I hear he stops by for water every now and then. In-fact lots of Millionaires engage in frugal spending on […]

Shopping (MP) Today it’s really easy to return most merchandise and get your money back. But other spending blunders can prove to be quite difficult. Especially, when you move into areas like services, apps, agreements and events already purchased –you may never get money back on these items. And this is troubling because when we […]

Shopping (MP) If your family is anything like ours — you’re fed up with cable TV’s high-cost plans and poor customer service. But switching companies isn’t the answer as cable providers have divided territories leaving absolutely no-competition (cable) within their prospective markets. The fact remains, folk’s are sick of the money-grubbing cable companies and their […]

Shopping (MP) Making supermarket mistakes can be costly especially when grocery shopping eats up a huge piece of our monthly spending budgets. U.S. Department of Agriculture stats illustrate that, on average, a family of four spends up to $1,300 monthly on food. Making matters worse, experts warn our families could be spending more than we […]