Looking for a way to get in shape while enjoying the great outdoors? Just lace up a pair of rugged shoes and start hiking outdoors.  Exercise is a very good stress reliever in any form, including hiking, and can also reduce insomnia, leading to better mental health. Hiking might help you feel closer to nature […]

The relationship with your parents is a highly irreplaceable one. Whether the relationship was good, bad, or indifferent, the death of a parent, will have you going through feelings of loss. Losing someone has never been easy to cope with and it is only natural that you feel different, and this usually turns out to […]

(MP) Allergies are comparable to the plague, especially for those with bad cases. If you have allergies there are plenty of over-the-counter medicines to choose from. But these drugs can leave you feeling fatigue or even high strung.  And who want to stick another nasal spray up their nose? Good news is there is natural […]

(MP) Many Millennials are asking themselves, “Can we afford to have babies today?” There’s no question the middle class isn’t what it used to be. Although the economy is certainly back on track that doesn’t mean everyone is benefiting from the track. While their predecessors, the baby boomers are enjoying the time of their lives, […]