You think your credit report is off-limits to potential employers – think again.  Today, nearly half of employers (47%) will check your credit score before hiring you, according to a New York Times (2013).   Don’t be alarmed, there are some steps even first-time job seekers can take ahead of seeking out new employment opportunities […]

Credit Repair (MP) Understanding credit reports will place you far ahead of most people attempting DIY credit repair. In part II of my series DIY Credit Repair, I’ll be discussing the three credit bureaus and how to read their compiled data. There are three credit bureaus that are nationally recognized Equifax, Experian, and the TransUnion […]

Repair (MP) Most financial advisors believe you shouldn’t think of filing bankruptcy unless it is impractical to organize a plan to repay your creditors on your own or with the assistance of a debt counselor. The stain of a personal bankruptcy can last as long as ten years, and that’s quite a while. It not […]

Repair (MP) “Charge it” is a phrase we hear all too often, it’s landed many of us in big time debt. Nowadays, buying products and services on credit is so easy that lots of people have problems. In fact, personal credit challenges are affecting people across America in astounding numbers. It is estimated that 1 […]

(MP) We depend on credit for so many important things in life — whether it’s for buying a car, house or computer or getting student loans. A three-digit number — your credit score or rating– determines whether you can do these things and how much it’ll cost. The credit rating system is made up of […]