Cards (MP) After being inundated with Rewards Credit Cards offers year-after-year, my wife and I decided to take advantage of a few of these programs. But, a little research revealed that almost all credit card issuers offer rewards, so the issue is not whether you should get a rewards card, but what type of rewards […]

Cards (MP) Whether or not you’re a frequent traveler, choosing the best travel credit cards available can help you save money. What you should know about this plastic is you get to take advantage of spectacular rewards programs. That’s right, depending on which card you choose you can get rewards, free flights, access to VIP […]

Cards (MP) Your credit card can be a delightful tool if use correctly. If you pay your bills on time, it’s actually a “no-interest” short-term loan. And if you follow MoneyPacers, you know credit should be used to make investments, such as real estate, etc. Yet our purposes here will be to discuss the biggest […]