You think your credit report is off-limits to potential employers – think again.  Today, nearly half of employers (47%) will check your credit score before hiring you, according to a New York Times (2013).   Don’t be alarmed, there are some steps even first-time job seekers can take ahead of seeking out new employment opportunities […]

If you are having problems repaying the debts, seeking consolidation options can be a way to get rid of the scenario. The debt consolidation process can be valuable even for those whose finances are not going through extreme difficult scenarios. The only thing that matters is understanding what kind of consolidation goals you need to […]

Credit Repair (MP) Understanding credit reports will place you far ahead of most people attempting DIY credit repair. In part II of my series DIY Credit Repair, I’ll be discussing the three credit bureaus and how to read their compiled data. There are three credit bureaus that are nationally recognized Equifax, Experian, and the TransUnion […]

Cards (MP) After being inundated with Rewards Credit Cards offers year-after-year, my wife and I decided to take advantage of a few of these programs. But, a little research revealed that almost all credit card issuers offer rewards, so the issue is not whether you should get a rewards card, but what type of rewards […]