Confidentiality agreements are very important to businesses, big or small. And when it comes to such agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) is the most commonly used term. So, what are Non-Disclosure Agreements? They are legal confidentiality agreements or contracts that highlight the information that should be kept confidential when an organization enters into business with a […]

Blog (MP) Are you on the road to success? In your current direction are you likely to succeed? One of the best ways to achieve success is to follow what successful people do in their daily lives. Watch their habits and it’s different from ordinary folks. You see, winners all do similar things. They exhibit […]

Blog (MP) Traditionally, we’ve been cautioned by financial experts to always have emergency funds on hand, well, in a case of an emergency such as job loss. However, this kind of financial thinking may be changing. Many believe because of consistent investing, rising markets, expanded investment technology and ready access to credit lines and student […]

Ten years ago, the number one reason people left their jobs was to seek out opportunities for better pay, now the trend suggests our best employees are leaving in droves because of company culture, morale, lack of recognition, trust, and incentive. Your employees started out motivated, enthusiastic and fully engaged. Somewhere along the way, they […]

Blog (MP) As the Trump presidency prepares to take over the government, many want to know, what will his administration’s policies mean for the country? Trump promised his constituency that he would shake up Washington.   Now he has to deliver, and he plans to start by getting tough the moment he takes office.  Here’s […]