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Why Money Pacers?

Because we’re one the top personal finance blogs in the U.S… We’ll not only show you how to manage your money, but quite possibly become rich! After many years in finance: I’ve discovered most people think wealth is either inherited, won in lotteries or gained by good old fashion luck. They’re magical thinkers. Real wealth is made in the mind before it’s found in your bank account. We’ll show you how to change the way you think about money. You’ll discover how to think like the rich, manage your money and in time your assets will begin to reflect our work here.

How will Money Pacers benefit you?

Here you will get the truth about personal finances and how to invest in your future. We expose lawful insider secrets that the rich use to grow their money substantially. Slow growth success is the MP model. This website strives to help you make wise choices about credit and debt, investing, education and continued training, real estate, insurance, savings, frugal living, stocks and more. You’ll get fresh perspectives about money not taught in schools, but learned on golf courses, private clubs and libraries throughout the world.

Where do Money Pacers differ?

We demonstrate common sense approaches that help you get self-control over your finances. We also walk you along the path to becoming a financially independent person. In essence, if you’re looking to just manage your money better, we can help you or if you want to become a high-net-worth individual, we’ll help you with that too.

Either way, you will leave the 99% lifestyle behind and join the 1% tax bracket. We help you put control and power of your money back into your hands. Our seven indispensable principles will guide you in making financially sound money pacers decisions…

What are our seven principles?

1. Ask for wealth and believe it’s coming.

2. Learn to think and act like the rich.

3. Always, pay yourself first.

4. Save money & budget.

5. Spend less than you earn.

6. Use credit/debt only to invest.

7. Invest – invest and re-invest.

Pace your money and get on the road to financial success.


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