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Learn to Become a Better Spotter in Tadoba Tiger Resort

Learn to Become a Better Spotter in Tadoba Tiger Resort

The adventure and thrill which generates from watching the animals within their natural habitat are really incomparable, which brings to mind the Tadoba Tiger Resort.  Travelers who are passionate about wildlife know about this tiger reserve located in the north-eastern Maharashtra Dist. of Chandrapur.  They even know the right ways to spot them.  Here are some tips should you ever visit this premier luxury destination.

Know Your Target Well. Few smart decisions at the right time can help you to spot wildlife easier. Before you move deep into the forests, you must learn properly about your subjects, their habitats and habits, their different behaviors during different seasons, their sleeping habits, their breed and feed and also their interaction with different other species. If you are interested in studying more deeply, you should try to identify the clues which are left behind by the animals. Some species may leave behind their marks on trees, on edges of water or on grounds. There are also some mammals that clear their pathways over time. Your wildlife search can be more organized if you can properly understand the marks on snow, mud or sand.

Right Place at Right Time. The wildlife activity levels at Tadoba Tiger Resort remains at its peak during the time of dawn as well as dusk. If you do want to miss the best opportunities, you should wake up before Sun and be awake until evening. Wildlife photographers, therefore, will never miss the chance of both soft blue light and the golden lights during sunrise and sunset. There can be various habitats like shorelines, river banks, and estuaries where you can spot wild species. The place where the meadow joins with woodland can be the general space for all the species as it offers shelter and food.

Never Destroy Things You Love. You must not try to destroy the natural wonders that you love. If you want to enjoy the wildlife peacefully, you should remember few ethics in your mind:

  • Always try keeping a safe distance with animals
  • You should never feed wild animals
  • Do not try to interrupt animals in their natural behavior
  • Never leave any trace like waste and try protecting the wilderness in natural ways

Stay Still and Be Quiet.  You should try to maintain a pin drop silence in Tadoba Tiger Resort wildlife areas as some species can even detect faint whiff drifts on the breeze. A bear can easily sniff its source of food from a very far distance; an eagle can spot even hare’s ears from miles away. So the wildlife spotter should remain as a statue if he wants to experience a wonderful sight of wildlife. If you require a movement, do it very stealthily as well as steadily. If possible, you can stay behind covers and make sure your feet are remaining in favorable positions. You should be preventive enough from tripping and getting hurt from thorn trees.

Blend into Surroundings. You should choose sober instead of colorful clothing while moving into the forests. This process helps you to blend yourself into the surroundings. You can go for the green, gray, muted black and brown colored dress to camouflage yourself properly.

Take Right Equipment. Wildlife spotters can use a good pair of binoculars, keeping a safe distance with animals. Small and light binoculars are generally 7x or 8x in magnifications. If you want brighter images during dawn or dusk, you may go for binoculars with higher magnifications.

Wildlife spotting at Tadoba Tiger Resort can, therefore, be a fun activity if you know the right ways of doing it. You should be present at the right place at right time with the right attitude and the right equipment.

Author Bio. Bill Williams is a well-known wildlife photographer. In this article, he is providing some tips to the wildlife spotter. For more information, you can always log into Heaven Resort.

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