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Why Successful People Succeed and Most Don’t

Why Successful People Succeed and Most Don’t

Blog (MP) Are you on the road to success? In your current direction are you likely to succeed? One of the best ways to achieve success is to follow what successful people do in their daily lives. Watch their habits and it’s different from ordinary folks. You see, winners all do similar things. They exhibit similar behaviors and habits, that set them apart from their 9-to-5 employees.

If you want to be one of the giants, if you want to be a big success in life and leave ordinary behind, replicate the behaviors and habits laid out below.

Successful people believe

Everyone wants to be successful. Who doesn’t want all life has to offer. No one likes living a day-to-day reality feeling like a second class citizen. And no one enjoys living in mediocrity!

The most practical success starts with having faith. Yes, “faith can move mountains.” What was the Messiah saying? If we believe, we can move mountains, we can! The problem is not many people believe they can move mountains and so, they simply don’t.

You probably meet people who say, “moving a mountain just by believing is pure craziness.” But these people failed to understand the bible wasn’t speaking to wishful thinking. It’s talking about belief (faith) and action. You can’t wish yourself into a five bedroom, three-car garage house, a profitable business, nor a million dollar income. Yet with the power of belief, it is possible to move mountains.

There’s nothing magical about the power of belief! Success in business or anything else isn’t just about trying, it’s about believing you can achieve and exercise positive action toward meeting your goals. You can win and therefore do well by believing you can!

To succeed means the achievement of winning, it’s the goal
of life!

Belief works like this: The “I know I can do it,” attitude, generates the power, skill, and energy from the universe needed to carry out your goals.

When you believe you can do it, the how-to-do-it comes to you through ideas, people, and situations. This is one of the secrets of the universe most wealthy people understand but seems to escape the rest of the classes.

Chart Your Course to Success
Chart Your Course to Success

Succeed with the right attitude

Every day across the world young people begin new careers. Every one of them wants to someday reach the top of their professions. But the majority of these young people won’t ever reach the top due to failure to belief in themselves. You see, they don’t believe it’s impossible to climb high and consequently, they don’t. Success answers never reached those who fail to believe. And this negative attitude and behavior leave them subject to a life of mediocrity – wishing it weren’t so.

Yet a number of these young people really believe they will succeed.  Bill Gates, the honorable Steve Jobs and people like Warren Buffett (whom I believe knows a lot about “The Secret“), Sean (Jay-Z) Carter, Erving (Magic) Johnson and Richard Branson are examples of people who believed in themselves way before financial success became a reality for them. Successful business people start out with an attitude of “I’m going to the top.” And with this amazing belief they do! Remember, belief is not wishful thinking. Believing they will succeed – and it’s not impossible — Jobs, Gates, and Buffett studied and observed the behavior of successful business people. They learned how successful people approached problems and made decisions (by the way Laura Vanderkam’s book “What the Most Success People Do“($7.86), shares some wonderful insights of success people). In addition Buffett, Gates and Jobs observed the positive attitudes of successful business people. This humility allowed each of them the ability to become teachable and forge ahead into a world of success. They secret to succeeding in life is the how-to-do-it always comes to those who believe.

Succeed by believing

Not belief, but strong belief, triggers the imagination to figuring out ways to make things happen. And when you strongly believe it makes others place a great deal of confidence in you too! Just think about belief for a second… Belief is responsible for most of not all the modern human conveniences we take for granted. Our democratic society, science, automobiles, electricity, computers, internet, appliances, right down to our very toilets were born out of belief. Without the power of belief, we’d still be living in the dark ages. In every example above, someone believed that they could succeed in bringing a new idea to life. This is the essence of all modern day conveniences we all enjoy.

Succeed with Action

  1. Follow the 80/20 rule. Known as the Pareto Principle, in most cases, 80 percent of results come from only 20 percent of activities. Powerful productive people engage activities that drive the greatest results. Focus on those and ignore the rest.
  2.  Commit to goals. When winners set a goal, nothing gets in their way of achieving it. They commit 100 percent to the outcome, knowing that one difference between winners and losers is that winners commit to a goal and don’t stop until they achieve it.
  3.  Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation is popular among successful people from all walks of life. But in the business world, its growth is largely due to the huge dividends it pays in productivity and overall well-being. Research shows that by practicing mindfulness you can fight off stress.  By reversing the fight-or-flight response you improve your ability to focus, boosts creativity, and increases your emotional intelligence.

The results

Most people prefer doing nothing. Most people just exist. They just want to live a comfortable life. They claim to want more out of life but they will never do the work required. They like to dream about how things are going to change without ever doing anything to make it happen.

So, set goals, be patient, work smart, and focus on your actions and the results will be spectacular.

Is it too late

I think not, even if you’re 50 years of age, you still have 20 years or more of a productive life ahead of you. You can succeed in a new career or start a new business, or just start a new life. The only thing stopping your success is that thing right between your ears. Throw out your negative beliefs and replace your attitudes and thinking with positive belief and success is but a short distance away.

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