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Tips for Throwing a Great Business Startup Party

Tips for Throwing a Great Business Startup Party

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One of the best ways of getting your company’s brand name out there is throwing a business startup party. Hosting an event is a way of celebrating your survival in the business and meeting new customers, vendors, and other potential partners

As a business owner, you should know that the “all work, no play” motto doesn’t go well, especially with the employees. On the other hand, planning and hosting the perfect startup party is no easy task, and you’ll need to arm yourself with some good event managing skills. Here’s what you should do.

Great Business Startup Party Ideas!

Define the Purpose

Would it be a product launch party? Perhaps a holiday party (Christmas, 4th of July, and Easter) or an educational event? The purpose of the event defines what kind of party it would be. You can throw a relaxed and casual party with activities such as bowling, ping-pong, video games, and an open bar, organize a dinner party (a solution for more intimate gatherings), or an educational event that may include workshops, training, seminars, and classes. Getting people to notice the event and raise awareness of your brand is what you should pay attention to.


Choosing the right location for the event is crucial. What kind of an ambiance do you need? What is the size of the business startup party? Will there be catering where people can bring their own food and beverages? Bathrooms? Coat checks? Is it winter or summer time? If the weather is hot, being cramped in a small space will ruin the party in no time. A great low-cost option is throwing the party at your own home (that is if your home is large enough). Equip yourself with enough food, a practical mobile coolroom, a nice sound system and it will all add a personal touch to the whole event. Just put yourself in your guests’ shoes and think about how they will react when they walk into the room.

Food & Drinks

Giving your employees a chance to have some fun, sit back and relax is one of the major reasons you’re throwing a party. When the food is plentiful and stocked, your team will feel the complete freedom to enjoy every second of the party. If you cannot handle it yourself, consider hiring a caterer, and don’t send your guests home with an empty stomach. In order to plan the menu, you must first find out what their dietary needs are. You don’t want to realize that there is no food for your vegetarian or vegan employees.

Safety Precautions

Take extra safety precautions because of the potential consequences of consuming alcoholic beverages. Your employees are all adults, but there is nothing wrong in calling taxis for those who don’t have a safe ride home or arranging for designated drivers ahead of time. In the best case scenario, none of these options would be used, but there is no reason for you not to be prepared.

Have Fun

Why talk about work at the party? You work together and deal with it every day, so why not lay off that and focus on having fun. Use the moment to relax and connect with your employees and guests, learn more about them and their lives outside of work.

Like with any event, when throwing a business startup party, you must determine your budget. Spending thousands of dollars on a startup party is not a good choice if you are a young tech startup. However, if it generates more funds, such as new revenue, perhaps it is a smart choice. All the costs are directed towards the party planner, and that’s you because most startup parties are free. You want them to know about your brand, buy your product, or download your app, not buy a ticket to your party.




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