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Make Extra Cash Listening to Phone Calls

Make Extra Cash Listening to Phone Calls

Extra Cash (MP) If you’re a college student or homemaker looking to make extra cash – listening to phone calls may be your ticket. You dial up a customer service number and hear a message that says it may be recorded to ensure quality. Well, guess what? Companies really do hire people to listen to those calls – they’re called call monitors and that means a job that could potentially pay you $20 to $25 per hour to help you pay your bills.

Quality call monitoring is one of the most effective methods company’s use for improving the level of service they provide their customers. Call quality monitoring refers to the process of listening to or observing an agent’s phone conversations or other multimedia contacts with customers.
While companies can measure customer satisfaction through customer focus groups, customer contact follow-up telephone surveys, and written satisfaction surveys, the results are often not timely enough or detailed enough to help individual agents understand their impact or contribution. That’s where you come in, as a monitor you will listening to customer service representatives to ensure they are complying with the company’s satisfaction policies.

Listen to Phone Calls

The Call Monitoring Compliance Analyst is responsible for recognizing and assessing compliance risk, during customer and/or third party interactions, for purposes of maintaining and improving operational performance and compliance. In essences this means you will listen to taped messages, access prerecorded logged calls or monitor live calls and it’s quite possible you will do it from your own home. You’ll analyze calls based on specific criteria and write up reports to help the company know whether their customer service is succeeding. Some companies hire you to listen to and categorize recorded phone calls before they are sent to analysts. You earn a few cents per call and get paid via PayPal.


Many companies will train you after you’re hired. They will teach you everything you need to know using a variety of training methods which may include videos, web training, and/or practice calls. Then depending on the company, you will receive scoring guidelines and a set of specific criteria to listen for: Did the rep identify her/his name? Verify the caller’s identity? Give the company name? Was she courteous? These are but a few of the criteria you will be tested on. Also, if you are bilingual be sure to mention it, some companies offers services in 13 or more languages, including Spanish, German, French and Italian and speaking multi-languages will help you get more jobs.

Be Professional

When on the job be professional at all times, especially when writing comments in your reports. Keep it objective by setting aside personal feelings or opinions. Feedback from the monitoring process should also be objective, using a method of scoring and evaluating that is fair and agreed by all in advance, and it must be consistent and regular when monitoring phone calls.


Thirty Tips to Improve Call Monitoring Skills

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