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5 Marketing Tips That Help New Startups Stand Out

5 Marketing Tips That Help New Startups Stand Out

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If you are running a new startup you’re going to need marketing tips that will land your business in the low success rate of 10%.  And you have probably heard of a number of reasons only a few make it into this percentage.  However, the truth is that people will be ready to buy virtually anything if you give them a good enough reason, and if those new startups were capable of providing these, they would overcome the other difficulties.  But other rising startups are aware of these facts, too. Our personal finance blog will show you what you can do to outsmart them and fight your way into the successful 10%.

Best Tips for New Startups

Embrace the Role of Underdog

A huge number of new startups are trying to hide the fact that they are starting out from someone’s basement, and there is absolutely no good reason why. Trying to appear as someone way out of your league can not only backfire, but it is not even productive. People love to see various Balboas of the world succeeding. They are willing to help them to succeed. Let the people know that you are one of them, post the pictures of your team, and publicly celebrate the small milestones like buying some new piece of equipment. You will earn nothing but sympathy.

Be Shamelessly ironic

We all know that babies, cute animals, exaggerated numbers, and sex appeal sell the products. That is certainly one way to go; but if your brand is oriented towards younger populations, these conventional methods, may not always be as effective as you would like them to be. Why not, then blatantly misuse them and earn a few laughs along the way? So, if you are short on ideas you can easily come up with something like “These two piglets under the shower have really nothing to do with our product, but we read somewhere that people love cute animals and naked bodies showering together so here you go.”

“You cannot make Billion Friends without making few Enemies”

Picking few fights online is probably not the nicest thing to do, but it is certainly the easiest way to get the conversation going. Standing up for some cause and going against someone will make you a few enemies, but it will also help your supporters to identify with your startup even more and give them a reason to evangelize your brand. Besides, your competitors will also benefit from the created buzz so you will not be doing anything ethically wrong.

Use Every Opportunity for Free Promotion You Can Find

The internet is full of places where you can promote your business for free; you just have to dig them out. Just making the profile and marketing on all relevant social networks can be of immense help in building a global brand out of your startup. And by all relevant, we mean ALL relevant. If you have never heard of websites like VK, Qzone, and Tuenti that means that you are taking the lucrative markets of Russia, China, and Spain very lightly.

Reward Customers for Supporting You

If you have any intentions of gaining some larger following, let alone giving your customers a good reason to evangelize your brand, you have to show them that you are grateful for their support from time to time. You do not even have to spend too much money – If you are creative enough, you can use virtually anything from personalized backpacks, umbrellas, and mugs to things like pens, keychains, calendars and other sundries. Small perks like free delivery, public shout-outs and premium content on your website are not a bad idea, either.

If you follow these tips for new startups, you should create some buzz and finally get off the ground. Sure, some people may consider you a bit shameless, and that buzz will not always be positive, but today’s business environment is forgiving and there is no such thing as a bad publicity.


Diana Smith is a business entrepreneur and grateful mom of two beautiful girls. She writes about topics related to business, marketing, travel, and technology.

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