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Tropical Destinations Perfect for Your Wedding

Tropical Destinations Perfect for Your Wedding

Paradise is a having your wedding in one of the many tropical destinations around the planet. Many couples can only dream about taking their vows surrounded by palm trees; clear skies and sandy beaches which are truly a spectacle to behold. Luckily, these days most hotels around the world provide wedding services. Choosing the location of your wedding might end up being your most difficult task regarding wedding planning activities.

Best Tropical Destinations for Weddings


Hawaii is one of our beautiful tropical destinations, where one can experience a memorable wedding, yet still, have all the ease of modern day amenities. The islands offer many unique possibilities such as engaging in party life or surf sports, visiting volcanoes and waterfalls, exploring local culture, etc. that various couples with the most different ideas of fun can definitely find what suits them the best. A great advantage of Hawaii is the fact that while it offers some of the most incredible wedding venues, couples can also find numerous wedding packages that would perfectly fit their budget and style.


Group of islands that make The Bahamas are one of the world’s best destinations for a complete relaxation no matter whether you look for a romantic wedding getaway or a full honeymoon vacation. When it comes to accommodation, couples are in luck since this is definitely the place where one can easily secure the stay for the whole wedding party thanks to the numerous resorts and hotels. Weddings on the beach are greatly popular but there are also some other options for anyone looking for something slightly different. Wedding at The Bahamas can indeed be a little pricey but those who know how to value the natural beauties will find it well worth the investment.



Discover the sights of Jamaica by exploring the country’s grand beaches, forests, mountains and caves all immersed in the rich Caribbean culture. There is something for everyone, from exploring the wonderful beaches to relaxing at the some of the best spas in the world. It is a popular location for weddings because the resorts are often used for ceremonies and receptions while wedding packages make the process simple and affordable for many couples.

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Turks and Caicos

This small group of islands east of Cuba lives solely on tourism, which is precisely why the resorts, staff and wedding packages here are more than excellent. Royal-like service is provided to anyone looking to tie the knot. Not to mention that the water is always at the perfect temperature and crystal clear unlike anywhere else in the world. Moreover, there are many other activities that you and your guest can enjoy after the ceremony. Therefore, keep in mind that you should always carefully design your wedding invitation in order to give as much detail as possible about the plans and setting of the wedding ceremony and other activities to your guests.



Thailand is one of the most popular tropical destinations among brides and grooms to be as well as honeymooners. This is a perfect place to venture into new cultures, experience picturesque landscapes and relax at absolutely pristine beaches. Being a tropical destination, Thailand usually has a mild climate but the best season for a wedding is between November and February when there is less chance of rainfall and the temperature is very pleasant.

Make sure to do thorough research before you choose your perfect tropical wedding destination so that you can rest assured that you, your future spouse and your guests will definitely make some unforgettable memories and at the same time have the best time of your lives while celebrating this special occasion.



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