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See the World for Less on Your Next Vacation

See the World for Less on Your Next Vacation

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(MP) You can make your next vacation really special – see the world for less – while enjoying a tropical cruise or a flight to some far-off city. How about viewing exotic sights only seen in movie theaters for a lot less money that you ever thought possible?

You can, through discount travel services and travel consolidates. Once you’ve learned your way around this industry, you can take the vacation of your dreams — for one-third to one-half off the regular price.

See the world travel tips

Not every flight or cruise leaves fully booked. A travel consolidator buys up unsold airline seats and cruise ship accommodations at considerable discounts from the list price and sell them to people like you for one-third or more of the full price.  These aren’t chartered flights on no-name airlines either.  These are regular commercial airline flights and cruises on familiar lines.  The only difference is you’re paying 35% less for your flight to Greece than the person sitting in the next seat.  Better yet, by going through a consolidator, you avoid the advance purchase requirements on airline tickets.

How it’s done!

Some 25% of trans-Atlantic air tickets come from travel consolidating agents – even more on flights to Asia. And one-third of cruise ship passengers book through a consolidator.

That’s wonderful news if you’re trying to see the world for less.  With so many people using consolidating agents, chances are good that you’ll find friends, neighbors and coworkers that have gone through a consolidating agent. Look online and query under Travel Agencies & Bureaus  for listings that offer “discount” or “low-cost” travel. Also try It covers the world of discount travel in-depth, including lists of recommended consolidators for airline seats and cruise ship accommodations.  Also, see Matt Banner’s “85 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Travel the World.”

Finding the right consolidator

Saving money is important if you’re going to see the world, but having a travel consolidator you can rely on is even more important. Get recommendations from people who have used one.  The longer the consolidator has been in business the better.  Does the consolidator look and sound, reputable?

Reputation counts for a lot, too. Is the consolidator connected with an established travel agency / business? Do you know anyone who has used the service? Asks lots of questions before handing over your hard-earned money. If anything about the operation sets off red flags, go some place else.  Try these helpful tips:

  • Search for travel bargains on the internet. The list below only scratches the surface.
  • Have more than one destination in mind. You might get a better deal to Rome rather than Greece.
  • Be flexible. You’ll get the best deal if you can fly weekdays and at off-peak hours.

Where to Get More Help


Airline Consolidators

Payless Flights

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