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Healthy Diet and Nutrition Before and After Surgery: A Handy Guide

Healthy Diet and Nutrition Before and After Surgery: A Handy Guide

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A healthy diet is crucial for the maintaining of the normal body functions, such as lung work and heart beating. The needs for nutrients rise when our organism is facing some form of stress, such as exercise, growth (for youngsters), illnesses, injuries, and pregnancy. Surgeries are even more demanding, putting an extra amount of stress to the body that redirects its resources to the wound healing.

With the adequate nutrition and supplementation, our body will be able to go through the pre-op and post-op period with more ease and far less complicated. We have consulted the experts to get more details about it, and this is what they shared with us.

Healthy Diet Guidelines After Surgery

Before the Operation

Around 2-4 week before surgery (the standard pre-operative period) is the time to embrace the boosted nutrition scheme regular dieting doesn’t cover. Here are some powerful ingredients to introduce in the pre-operative period.

  • Mighty water: This precious substance makes around 70% of our body composure, and enables a balance for all systems, like skin, metabolism, and hormones. It hydrates the skin and makes it plump and blemish-free. It also ousts the toxins from our body and prevents inflammation. Drink around 2 liters per day in this period.
  • Muscle-building proteins: The second most common body component, the proteins, are in charge of the tissue forming and rebuilding. Virtually all organs are made of proteins in a varied percentage, and the heightened protein intake and some exercise can prepare you for the surgery and post-op tissue healing.
  • Ascorbic acid: The widely recommended vitamin C is present in various fruits and vegetables, and its anti-pollutant and anti-toxin properties are great for bruising prevention. It also jumpstarts the production of collagen and dilates the blood vessels for the better transport of nutrients and blood to the damaged areas.
  • Zinc: This element stands out with its tissue resculpting and immunity sustaining traits, just ensure you don’t take it in excess.
  • Glutamine: This amino acid shortens the healing time and recovery.
  • Arginine: Another amino acid, only this one excels in the prevention of infections and weakened immunity.
  • Coenzyme Q10: This antioxidant also quickens the recovery, when taken beforehand.
  • Probiotics: To preserve the good bacteria cultures after an intake of antibiotics and prevent bloating, you’d be advised to take this supplement prior to a cosmetic surgery.

A week before surgery

When the date of the surgery approaches, some foods should be avoided for their impact on bleeding, anesthesia, immunity and overall healing. Here’s what to steer clear of during this period:

  • Vitamins B, C, E and K (and multivitamin pills), herbal supplements and fish oils
  • Cayenne, ginger, green tea, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, garlic and ginkgo (=showing adverse effect on bleeding time and anesthesia)
  • Refined sugars and junk food
  • Neurotoxic substances such as caffeine, alcohol, MSG, and aspartame
  • Allergens like eggs, wheat, peanuts, nuts, shellfish, and milk

Nutrition in the post-operative period

To have the immune system run like a clock and make your recovery as short as possible with minimal occurrence of inflammation and pain, there are some healthy diet rules you need to comply with. Return to the pre-op regime, minus the intake of allergens, refined sugars, alcohol, and caffeine.

In the 72-hour period after the surgery, stick with the mild and soft meals that are easy to digest. Food packed with monounsaturated fats are welcome, such as olive oil, avocado, and blueberries. After the 72-hour window, resume with oils and vitamin complex. Lastly, Bromelain and Mountain Arnica are veritable anti-inflammatory solutions that decrease the pain and swelling, which comes handy for breast reduction surgery in particular.

Your body demands a comprehensive, upgraded food plan to prepare and get through the surgery in the most successful way. We have provided you with a detailed list of a healthy diet to give you a clear picture about what may await you.



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