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Tips for Easy Business Lunch Meetings

Tips for Easy Business Lunch Meetings

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Business lunches are an essential tool for closing deals, especially if you have a business partner coming from abroad. Though, things have changed a lot since the concept has been first used. Nevertheless, there are a number of rules you should follow if you want to survive your business lunch meetings with great success.

Best Business Lunch Meetings Ideas

Sending out the Invitation

Try to avoid assuming that your business partner is available at the time you have suggested, as it might look presumptuous and could ruin the chances of closing the deal. Always make sure to suggest a number of options and to leave enough wiggle room so that both parties can agree upon something.

Go With a Place That Seems the Best

Never choose a place that you know is notorious as it could make your guest feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, do not go to places you like the most, as chances are that it will not be a good place to discuss business. Instead, offer up a number of places which have a history for business lunch meetings happening, and, offer a great variety of tasty meals.

Never Sit Down Before Your Guests

Your business guests are the most important happening during the lunch, meaning that you should always wait for your guests to arrive, even if they are late. However, if they do get there later, try to be patient and to find out what the problem was, before you start jumping to conclusions.

Order Easy-To-Eat Meals

Never order anything greasy or something that is overly complicated, as you are there to discuss business and not just to simply have a good meal. Make sure to order food which is easy to handle and will require little attention, as it will allow you to focus on the topics at hand. It goes without saying, but, you should avoid talking with your mouth full, which is why you should eat smaller bites and focus ordering a light meal.

Have a Drink or Two

In essence, it is never a good idea to drink alcohol during a meeting, as it could cloud your judgement, and you might end up saying things you should not. However, celebratory drinks are not prohibited, and you should look through wine specials if you want to impress. Bear in mind not to have a lot to drink though, as you want your guests to feel good, but not to get drunk, as it could leave a bad impression.

Who Will Pay for It All?

The simple rule of thumb states that whoever holds lunch meetings is responsible for handling all the costs as well, meaning that if you invite, you pay for the business lunch. Nevertheless, you should not go overboard whether you pay for it or not, and try to keep everything under control or it could seem like you are splurging too much. Picking the bill up should be handled discreetly, and without drawing too much attention to yourself. It is advisable that you handle the bill even before the lunch starts, so that the waiters know what to do.

Surviving a business lunch will not be too tough once you get familiar with some rules you must follow if you want to ensure that the deal is closed at the end. Moreover, you need to leave a good impression on your business gussets, as it can be an invitation for the next deal to happen as well. In the end though, remember to have fun, and to celebrate if a business agreement is reached.


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