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Camping Tips for Those Who Want to Survive

Camping Tips for Those Who Want to Survive

My Camping tips will best help you relax and enjoy the nature with friends and family. No matter the age or the place they leave in, many people gladly seek for a little adventure by going camping. However, every camping trip requires certain preparations, and this guide will help every enthusiast camper have a safe adventure.

Best Camping Tips for Survivors!

Create a Shelter

The first essential thing about camping is creating or finding a shelter before dark. Whether you will choose a tent, an RV or a cabin, it is important to settle in before the day goes by. With the proper preparations, tents can be quite comfortable shelter for camping. It is also good idea to bring along a shower curtain or something of that material, and put it on the ground in order to keep you dry if the rain starts.

The Sleeping Bag

Choosing an appropriate sleeping bag according to the season is of an utmost importance. Warmer months call for a lightweight sleeping bag, while winter months require you bring the one with a lower temperature rating. A mummy-shaped bag is the perfect choice for those who choose to camp in a tent. It will keep you warm and it will be easy to pack it.

The Food

Regardless of the activities you plan to accomplish during the camping trip, food and water supplies are necessities you must think about. Most important thing to remember is not to go overboard with the food. Bring only as much food as your party needs. Furthermore, sealed plastic bags are great for mixing food. A cooler is the best option for keeping drinks and food cool, without having to worry any meat or milk might spoil. Clean water is essential, so pack bottled water unless you have an access to the clean tap water in your camp location.

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The Wardrobe

Just as any other occasion, camping requires a certain type of clothes. Loose layers, hats, and vests are the best option. When the weather gets colder, it is preferable to wear gloves, jackets, and warmer underwear. Furthermore, make sure you take of any unnecessary layer if you feel you might sweat much. Once you start to perspire, there is a chance you will catch a cold if the wind starts to blow while you are all damp. Bring a raincoat as well, just in case you are caught up by the rain. The footwear is also highly important part of the wardrobe, so make sure your feet are well protected. Hiking boots are the best choice, because you will be comfortable to walk on any surface in them.

A Survival Kit

It is paramount you bring along items that will make the camping as easier as possible, and safe as well. A survival kit should include a water filter, water-purifying tablets, a metal bowl, a survival knife, a compass, waterproof matches, a flashlight, a flare gun, and a mini LED torch. Furthermore, a first aid kit should also be on the list of essentials.  Everything from bandages, wound cleanser, to latex gloves and cold packs should be in the kit. Make sure you also have portable diesel tanks filled with gasolinewith you, in case you do not have a petrol station near and your vehicle needs fuel.

Pick Up After Yourself

Both nature, environment and future campers will be thankful if you leave the campsite clean and free of garbage after you leave. Make sure when you travel to follow my camping tips which suggest staying on well-known paths and campsites. Solid human waste should be buried 6-8 inches underground. Furthermore, make sure you do not wash the dishes or take showers near the river, lake or a stream.

The next time you decide to set off to nature, and have some fun camping, bear these suggestions in mind. They will help you stay safe, healthy and make your camping much easier. I hope these camping tips make a difference…  Enjoy.






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