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Best Hunting Destinations in The World

Best Hunting Destinations in The World

Best Hunting Destinations in The World

Hunting is more than a means to obtain food and to experience the thrill of chase. It can be a profound, spiritual experience, which can help you form a valid connection with the nature. Since the dawn of man, humans have been hunting and the fact that even deeply spiritual cultures, such as American Indians still practice this artful activity goes a long way to say that becoming a hunter doesn’t necessarily need to be a frowned-upon experience. Additionally, hunting covers plenty fulfilling activities, such as camping, planning, catching the trail, as well as enjoying beautiful scenery. With this in mind, we present you some of world’s prime locations, for you to enjoy.

Best Hunting Destinations in the world

South Island, New Zealand

If it was beautiful enough for Peter Jackson when he was filming the Lord of the Rings, you can rest assured that South Island in New Zealand will doubtlessly take your breath away – even on the screen, the scenery is more than whopping. This part of this rich-in-nature country has a lot to offer, from green hillsides and luscious forests, to scorched barren lands and gorgeous snow-covered mountains. However, South Island has way more to offer, aside from flora – its faunal properties are diverse, to say the least. Flourishing with wildlife, New Zealand is home to world’s largest red stags and a plethora of other mountain animals. Although the endangered species of kiwi is off limits, you can rest assured that you will encounter plenty of other animals, such as tahr, wild boar, elk, fallow deer, ram, goat and a variety of other game.

South Central Montana/Northwest Wyoming

Although tedious when it comes to pop-culture, Montana and Wyoming take grand pride in hunting. However, incredibly unpredictable climate (sometimes ranging from 80F above to 43F below) makes these territories among the most dangerous grounds of the world. Although this might present a reason for worry in a newbie, an experienced hunter is always looking for a challenge and if you’re among the latter of the two, you can expect this area to more than meet your demands. However, the biggest threat here aren’t predators (unless your luck is such that you stumble upon a black bear), but the climate, which is likely to greatly threaten your chances of survival. When it comes to hunting, Elk is what these territories are all about. Be that as it may, there’s plenty of wildlife in general, such as antelope, mule deer, moose, goats, which are more than difficult to track and take on and thus even more rewarding trophies to claim. Wolf, black bear and cougar are predators to be expected here. If you decide to embark upon a hunting journey to this part of North America, make sure to dress warm – as we mentioned, its climate has been known to be incredibly unpredictable and deceiving.

Pripyat River, Belarus

If you crave a challenge, we have just the thing for you, resting near Pripyat River in Belarus. The European bison, also known as wisent, is an incredibly strong, majestic creature, weighing roughly 2000Ibs. Thick-skinned and resilient, these creatures pose quite a challenge, even for an experienced hunter. These creatures are a perfect chance to try out hunting cameras.

Deer and wolves are other forms of big game to expect here and, with the bison season starting in October, ending in March, and the deer season lasting May through November, you can expect proper game all-year-round, especially if you’re looking to hunt wolves.

These were some of the most exotic hunting locations that our planet has to offer. Naturally, there are plenty more to explore, as well as a large number of various game all across the globe.



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