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Operations Research Analyst Careers Today

Operations Research Analyst Careers Today

operations research analyst

(MP) If you’re considering becoming an operations research analysts you’re responsibility will be as a troubleshooter for small and big companies. You’ll be tasked in aiding organizations to solve problems and make better decisions.

In an effort to identify business problems, for instance production, logistics, or sales issues, operations research analysts must collect a great deal of data and design an organize system; this helps businesses identify problems, analyze issues through statistical analysis, simulation, and/or optimization, and figure out the best ways to solve any challenges a business may have.

What Operations Research Analyst Do?

A considerable proportion of the job will involve numerical and computational analytical techniques, often using expert systems and artificial intelligence. Communication with managerial staff and other relevant personnel is naturally a main feature of this very job. You will also use qualitative problem-structuring techniques and simulation and advanced quantitative strategies for the purpose of:

  • Facilitating in-depth understanding of an organization’s operations
  • Examining assumptions
  • Reviewing progress
  • Selecting practical action
  • Supporting the management of change


Duties often involve:

  • Interviewing managers and staff
  • Gathering relevant hard and soft data from systems and personnel at various levels within the organization;
  • Defining the problems and the results sought
  • Collecting and analyzing data and developing models, often using spreadsheets, databases and pragmatic, numerical approaches to solve problems; using analytical methods, such as simulation, network analysis, decision analysis, multi-criteria analysis, scenario analysis, soft systems modelling, optimization, game theory and queuing theory.
  • Using mathematical programming techniques, including linear programming
  • Using statistical methods and testing hypotheses
  • Identifying innovative and pragmatic solutions to clients’ management problems and testing these solutions
  • Feeding in results and helping to implement chosen options
  • Compiling a report of findings and making presentations to clients, often requiring clear and persuasive explanation of complex processes to a non-technical audience


Required Education*  BMS, BMS, or BOR
Total jobs* as 2015
Projected Job Growth (2015-2024) 30%*
Average Annual Salary (2015) $78,890 – $97,210


Education and Training

Entry-level education requires a Bachelor’s degree: An operations research analyst career starts with a minimum of a Bachelor of Operations Research degree, a Bachelor of Management Science degree, a Bachelor in Mathematical Sciences or a bachelor’s degree in a related field for instance, engineering, physics, mathematics, or computer science.

Most operations research analyst jobs beyond an entry-level job require a master’s degree such as a Master’s degree in Operations Research or a Master’s degree in Management Science.  See your state and local area data about this occupation at Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Typical Employers

Consultant Agencies
Civil Service Organizations
Financial Firms
Commercial Organizations
Industrial Companies

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