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How to Make Your Winter Skin Spring-Ready

How to Make Your Winter Skin Spring-Ready


How to Make Your Winter Skin Spring-ready

The winter months usually keeps us exposed to indoor dry heat and dry air, then, there’s the pinching cold outdoor weather impact, we have to withstand. All of this is inevitably leaves our dermis scurfy, lifeless, and somewhat aged. The spring season will surely draw us out and introduce our beaten winter skin to the drastic change of conditions. Here’s our simple and affordable list of methods to make your skin ready and steady for spring.

Winter skin replenishment

Consuming plenty of water is preventing your skin from having the parched, ill-like appearance and makes the whole organism healthy and replenished, consequently making the skin look radiant. Doctors and scientist say 500ml is the absolute minimum, but we recommend you try and intake around 2l or more per day. It will improve the general condition of dermis and fuel up all the vital systems.


You may have been slacking on performing regular scrubs of the nasty winter skin residue throughout the winter, but with spring coming, it’s high time you begin. Up to three exfoliating sessions per week is advised.

Harsh methods should be avoided, so we suggest you use gentle sponges or washcloths. We also have a neat and sweat homemade scrub mixture to recommend: pour some crystal marine salt, sugar or oats into your standard shower gale or face wash. For more damaged skin, add a bit of olive oil or honey for extra moisture.

The feet to remember

There’s something rather off-putting on a lady or a man who don’t take care of their feet. Spring is exactly the overture into a period of light footwear such as sandals and thongs, so we better take care of our heels.

Cherish your beautiful feet and they will serve you well. For this, we have devised an easy procedure to follow for smooth and soft feel achievement. Add a cup of milk and hot water into your soaking mixture, and submerge the feet for 10 minutes. Proceed by filing the thick skin. Finally, use rich cream, put on fluffy, cotton socks and let it work overnight.

Shaving maneuvers

We can’t blame you much if you neglected this action over winter, we admit it is quite a tiresome enterprise. However, the spring is the time when you should let your awesome legs shine in all their glory, and shaving is the most handy and rapid solution.

Prior to reaching out for your trusted razor, go through a delicate exfoliation process to eliminate dead cells that may get stuck in the blades and dull them. This could eventually lead to cuts and injuries.

This is our go-to scrub: combine coarsely ground coffee, brown sugar and some olive oil. Scrub your body from neck down, and apply hydrating lotion in the steamy bathroom. It will help the retention of moisture and prevention of bumps.

Sun protection

I know you may have missed the sunbathing a lot, but don’t just hurl outside without adequate protection from harmful UV rays. The unaccustomed winter skin will likely have even higher chances for burn occurrence, not the mention the dangers of skin maturing and cancer.

Protection in this period is essential, so quality asap skin products will be more than welcome. Naturally, the products for daily use need to have the suitable SPF. Apply it before you go outside to let it set in. Readminister every couple of hours for long term youthful and healthy look.

Vitamin boost

Here are some powerful elements that revitalise your winter skin:

– Antioxidants in food (eliminates collagen-destroying free radicals that are a main cause of skin maturation)

– Vitamins A, C, E and K (seek for products with these ingredients; utilise them through nutrition too)

Whatever your choice of skin care for this spring may be, bear in mind that some care is better than none. Still, if you want to achieve the optimal results, exploit these tips.



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