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Money Saving Tips for Pet Friendly Road Trips

Money Saving Tips for Pet Friendly Road Trips

Money Saving Tips for Pet Friendly Road Trips

Traveling with a pet can be challenging and not so cheap. However, if you do the research and find out how pet lovers handle their pet friendly road trips.  What you should include when preparing for a trip?  You might need some valuable advice.  This will help both you and your pet have a nice, safe and comfortable trip you will remember for a long time.

Successfully Plan a Pet Friendly Road Trip

Planning and Packing

A list of things that will save you money and time is essential part of the road trip . Remember to buy and bring all the necessary pet supplies, medications, toys, treats, water, blankets, and anything your pet friendly road trip will need on the road. Furthermore, a harness and a carrier should be on top of the list, because you must have your pet with you at all times. If you travel by car, you should not forget about vehicle pet barriers, pet car seats, and pet seat belts, to ensure the highest protection of your pet. Afterwards, research all the hotels you might want to stay in and see if you can bring an animal with you and have it stay at the hotel. Furthermore, look for the transportation companies that allow animals to travel with them, so that you do not face any unpleasant situations.

Traveling by Airplane

When traveling on the plane, you have two options for transporting your four-legged best friend. Namely, you can have it with you as a carry-on and put it underneath your seat or you can transport it as manifest cargo in the hold. All this depends on the airlines company, which is why you should look carefully when choosing who you are going to fly with. Do not surprise if you run into a $125 fee one-way because that is the cost of a pet transportation, and they are only going to go higher.

Bus Transportation

When it comes to traveling with your pet on a bus, you will not be so lucky to do it. Unfortunately, major bus lines do not allow the pet transportation. Therefore, if you run into a sign saying there are no dogs, cats, birds or other animals allowed on a bus, do not surprise. Moreover, research all the options before you go on a road trip, so that your trip is not ruined.

Traveling by Train

Pets are usually not allowed to travel on a train. However, some companies will allow service animals, i.e. the ones that are trained to help people with certain disabilities.  Nevertheless, if you are travelling to Europe, more precisely, France, Italy and Germany do allow pets usually. Trains operated by national rail in England will allow animals as well, so consider this if you plan to bring your pet to a Euro trip.

Pets and Hotels

Not all hotels are pet-friendly, but most of them are, and they will charge you for it. You will also be held responsible for any potential breakage or damage your pet might make. Dogs love to bite through furniture and carpeting so bear in mind all the nasty habits of your pet. This is why alongside various pet supplies like nexgard you should bring along your dog’s favorite toy for your pet friendly road trip, so that you can have him entertained even when indoors. Furthermore, your dog might not have the habit of barking at night, but if it suddenly starts to alert the guests of the hotel, you might be facing an additional fee for causing other guests to leave the hotel due to the disturbance.

Plan everything ahead, make a list of everything you need to bring and do your research on the pet-friendly transportation companies and hotels. Once you have all the necessary information and supplies ready, you can travel safe and in peace.


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