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Creating a Feng Shui Office for Better Productivity

Creating a Feng Shui Office for Better Productivity

Creating a Feng Shui Office for Better Productivity

In order to stay productive, an office space needs to be well-organized, but also kept interesting enough not to be too much of a distraction, and yet break the tediousness of office life. In order to turn your business area into a feng shui office space; whether it’s a mere cubicle, or a full-on luxurious office. Practicing Feng Shui can help you keep a happy balance in the office space. The key elements of water, fire, wood, and earth will help you find a calm balance and leads to more energy and productivity.

We’ve rounded up a couple of useful tips that will do wonders for your work life. Although most of these may seem logical and obvious, you’d be surprised at how easy they are to neglected everyday.

Organizing Your Feng Shui Office Space

Clear the Clutter

The first step of creating a feng shui office space is clearing the clutter. The clutter mostly comprises stuff that you feel you’ll need at some point, but are actually easily obtainable, stackable and more than usually – useless. Thus, the first thing you need to think about when clearing up the clutter, should be designating and targeting these things. Think about trivialities, such as used paper, plastic cups, extra staplers, spent pens and broken-down electronics. Removing these things will spur on mental clarity, focus and general physical and spiritual well-being. This easy step is a great kick-starter for your feng shui escapade.


After you’re done clearing the clutter, organizing your stuff should be your name of the game. Organization will provide increased effectiveness, productivity and efficiency, it will increase discipline and creativity and, yet again, significantly enhance mental clarity as well as focus of your job. The trickiest part, when it comes to organization, is creating a system that works. The only tricky part here is finding a system that actually works for you, seeing as how everyone’s mind is tuned in a specific way, authentic for the any particular individual. Make sure that everything that you need on a regular basis is within your arm’s reach; what this means is designating things that you don’t need all-that often and put them away from your work desk, which is what organization basically is.


When it comes to spicing up the atmosphere within your office, using appropriate artwork and imagery plays a vital role in creating a feng shui office. Flowers, window treatments and work-appropriate art can in spire a huge environment boost. What this means is consequently improving your productiveness. Always choose furniture that inspires abundance, prosperity and success, in general. Be mindful of the fact that creating a decorative clutter is still considered clutter, so you should definitely refer to our first paragraph within this text here.

Place Your Desk Properly

Have you ever heard of the term “power position”? Well, this term relates to making sure that you can see the door when seated at your desk. Moreover, a perfect power position will allow you to see as much of your room as humanly possible. This is where sliding doors Sydney kick in – space-saving, luxurious and generally eye-pleasing, this type of doors is convenient for any office space, regardless of the size. However, placing your desk too close to the door has its downsides – you will be easily prone to distraction by minor details. Additionally, there is a mental side to your desk placement – sitting with your back turned towards the door will cause the feeling of subconsciously thinking about backstabbing situations with regards to office politics!

When it comes to decoration, it is a completely individual thing; so, we can’t add any more advice here than those already provided – you’re on your own, but fret not, because this is the fun part!

Creating a feng shui office atmosphere is something that can be both fun and rewarding. In fact, dwelling in a murky, inconvenient work space severely threatens your productivity, as well as creativeness – a trait greatly desired, regardless of your field of work.


Diana Smith is a business entrepreneur and grateful mom of two beautiful girls. She writes about topics related to business, marketing, travel, and technology.

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