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How to Get a Jump Start with IT Careers

How to Get a Jump Start with IT Careers

How to Get a Jump Start with IT Careers

Technology is gaining more and more foothold in our everyday life, as it surrounds us every step of the way. Knowing that, it is no wonder that a number of jobs in IT Careers are predicted to grow by more than 20% through 2020. The popularity of the IT jobs is also increasing, given that the salaries start from 40-50k a year, all the way up to 100k or even higher. Not only is it a profitable career, working hours are mostly flexible and more often than not you are allowed to work from home.

Choosing Your IT Careers Path

IT is an umbrella term used for a wide array of different areas of the enormous tech industry. Now, it is highly unlikely that you excel at all of the IT professions at the same time, so it is important to single out the one that might fit you best.


One of the first things you might consider doing is reaching out to established IT experts. If you already know someone from the branch that could give you directions, that is great. But if not, there are numerous IT communities online which could help you make a decision based on your preferences and previous skill set. The research process could take up days, and you are advised to stick to it, and not skip a day!


Let’s take a look at app developers’ career. With the growing number of smartphones the apps market is a goldmine for those who can make an app that will sell well. Why we chose this particular job as an example is because in some cases it doesn’t require too much of technical knowledge, but a clear idea and a good platform for building an app. Not all of the platforms are complicated and some of them don’t require you to know a single line of code to create the app.

Education and retraining

Whatever the job in question might be, your chances of getting one without proper education are more than slim. Such is the case with IT careers as well. However, the difference being that in IT informal education is not as overlooked as in some other branches. That fact is most interesting for those who are looking for a career change, rather than for those who are yet to start with their vocational education.. As we all know what the benefits of formal education are, we’re going to put it aside for the moment and focus on the informal.


Internet is a great place to start for any beginner since it is a wast database of knowledge from different areas of IT. The best way to go about all this information is to take specially designated courses. Coursera, edX and Udemy are one of the biggest online course databases. Not that those are the only ones, but they represent  a great starting point. Also some major universities like MIT, Harvard and Yale have created free courses for the virtual community from all over the world.


The only problem with most open-courseware is that they often give no proof or assessment of the knowledge attained. That’s where big companies like Microsoft, Cisco or Adobe come into play. You can take online exams and get certificates that will help you in your job hunt.

The Hunt

Job hunts often start in the ads section of the newspaper or, again, on the internet. To have even the slightest chance of employment, your CV has to be of substance. You will need at least some experience so you could get a paying job. The great thing with IT is that gaining experience is not too hard if you are hard working and don’t mind spending some time as an intern. Most companies offer internship programs for recent graduates. Internships are not just stepping stones of your career, sometimes they turn into full time jobs.

These are some universal steps on the path to establishing prospective IT careers. The thing is that IT covers a wide spectrum of different  areas and as such, each requires a bit different approach when seeking employment. App developer and network administrator jobs are light years apart, though a regular joe might not see it. In the end remember: whichever IT branch you opt for, hard work is immanent.

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