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Why Startups Should Invest in Office Space

Why Startups Should Invest in Office Space

Even though some believe that productivity is always a paramount, as a responsible business owner you must put health of your employees in the first place. The reasons for this are not just moral and ethical, since, for several reasons, it is in your business best interest that your employees have optimal work conditions and office space. Not having to take sick leave often is just one of them. Office work might not be physically exhausting, but it can have a devastating effect on one’s health unless something is done about it. With this in mind, here are some ways in which startups can make their offices healthier as well as several reasons for them to do so.

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Natural Light in office space Increases Productivity

First thing to bear in mind is that natural light has no alternative. Because of this, windows on your office should be the size of at least 10% of the office surface, and sky should be visible from any workstation. Even though some artificial lighting solutions can be extremely potent, they can never fully substitute natural light and this is something that you simply must consider.

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Better flow of natural light through your office is also something that is bound to have a positive impact on both visibility as well as productivity of your employees. This is something that you simply cannot ignore. If you deem that situation with natural light is inadequate, you can always encourage your staff to go outside on breaks.

Adequate Furniture Allows Better Focus

Another thing to have in mind for office space is the quality of furniture. Namely, bad seating solution may cause a back-pain which will make focusing on task at hand almost impossible. Furthermore, inadequate desk height may cause one to stare at the monitor at an odd angle. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how this may have a negative effect on one’s vision in the long run. In other words, in order to enable your employees to worry about nothing but their current assignment, you need to provide your staff with adequate office furniture.

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Help Them Revive Their Neglected Physical Activity

Even though it may seem absurd, but sedentary lifestyle depletes a person quicker than any physical activity ever could. By sitting entire shift at work then getting into a comfy chair as soon as you get home one can easily damage his or hers energy reserves. This results in one being sleepy all the time and not a lot of work can be done this way. However, by encouraging your employees to engage in any kind of physical activity both before and after work definitely helps solve this persistent problem. Your safest bets here would be to persuade everyone to either walk or cycle to work. Another great idea might be the introduction of standing desks at least to some parts of your office. You can even organize a group gym get-together. This would serve both as a great team building activity and it will show your employees you care for they physical health.

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Care Inspires Loyalty

Finally, by going to great lengths to improve well-being of your employees, you will demonstrate to them just how much you care. This is something that they will most certainly know how to appreciate. Even with the best pay and the most interesting job, people tend to leave for other workplaces if they are not satisfied with some of the work conditions. On the other hand, investing in healthier office might persuade your employees to turn down even some other, more lucrative, offers in your favor.

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As you can see, putting health of your staff in the first place benefits everyone. By optimizing conditions in your office space you will not only make conditions healthier but more work-friendly. In the end, as a startup, you will have so much odds against you that you won’t have the luxury of turning down anything that may be of assistance. With this in mind, creating a healthier office for healthier business might be just the opportunity you were waiting for all along.


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