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5 Important Steps to Overcome Entrepreneurial Failure

5 Important Steps to Overcome Entrepreneurial Failure


Bracing yourself for failure upon starting a business is not exactly the most optimistic notion. However, a reality check is necessary when starting up, and vigilance can take you a long way. This is not to say you should not believe in yourself. The point is to avoid the common pitfalls on the road to success and to be on the watch for storms on the horizon. You cannot eliminate mistakes altogether, but you can make an effort to minimize their impact on you and your business operations.  

Drawing the big picture  

Any company is a complex mechanism composed of parts like premises, business strategies, customer service, and employees. Although these elements do not affect your organization in the same way, a lack in any area can be the cause of business failure.  So, draw up a chart to evaluate the value of each aspect. This should enable you to allocate resources more efficiently and cut down spending. Something like this is impossible without managing cash flows and keeping track of expenditures. Luckily, you can use excellent financial applications like Mint to get a hold on the numbers game.

Positive thinking

In times when doom and gloom haunt the market, positive thinking is a guiding light. Passion and love for the business are contagious, and can spread across the board like wildfire. If you don’t come to work with a smile on your face, you cannot expect workers to be full of enthusiasm. But, with a positive approach, even a minute failure becomes a stepping stone to success. Yet, to learn from your mistakes, you need to be able to identify the root of the problem and display strong analytical capabilities.

At their service

You cannot satisfy each and every customer, and some of them might be furious about your mistakes. And in the information age, a tiny bit of bad news can hinder your attempts to build a good image. Yet, by establishing a responsive and attentive customer service, you may turn a disadvantaged situation around. Use social media to respond to problems immediately and solve the situations as they come. Moreover, mitigate the damage to your reputation with return and refund policies, and launch loyalty programs and incentives.

Die by the sword

Sweeping problems under the carpet is not a way to go. The only thing that could happen is a storm in a teacup becoming a perilous hurricane. What you need is a solid framework of clearly defined responsibilities and accountability for obtaining results. It is better to fall on your sword than to try some cloak and dagger tactics. In any case, prevent business blunders from turning into divisions that could tear the company apart. Also, keep in mind that those who delegate the work are still responsible for seeing it through.

A constant improvement

A constant self-improvement is the driving force behind your entrepreneurial endeavor.  Seek the advice of others, reach out to industry experts and keep the pace with emerging trends. Once you get a hold of the basics, you can develop a deeper understanding of your niche. Start blogging and generously share your knowledge with others. You can even muse on becoming a business coach to cement your reputation as an expert.  Then, you can climb up the career ladder further and help your company gain recognition and prominence.

Rise and shine

When you hit a wall, don’t think that is the end of the road. It happens all the time, but you should have a plan and a strategy in place for overcoming such hiccups.  Don’t make failure a taboo topic. The potential gains of making a mistake can actually outweigh the damage.  Rise from the ashes and be reborn again. Each time you will be actually a step closer to your goal of owning a thriving company and achieving sustainable, long-term growth.

Nate Vickery

Nate M. Vickery is a business and financial consultant from Sydney, Australia. He has years of experience in giving small businesses and entrepreneurs financial advice, as well as personal money making and saving advice.

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