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How to Build a Brand for Your Small Business

How to Build a Brand for Your Small Business

How to Build a Brand for Your Small Business

There are many businesses out there that offer quality products or service, yet people are not aware of it and they are not doing as well as they could. You do not want your small business to become one of them. You want your business to be well-known and the first choice of every customer. And if you are wondering how to make this happen – the answer is brand building. When you are dealing with brand building you are fostering the identity for your business. Businesses with strong identity will always stand out from the competition and most likely to be the customers’ no.1 choice. So do not waste a single second anymore and start building your brand right now. Here are some of the ways to do so.

Design an impressionable logo for your small business

What is common for all the big brands like McDonalds, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola? They all have a logo which has become a trademark of the company. Each of those is carefully designed to reflect the services of the company and evoke emotion from their customers. You will want just the same from your small business logo. First of all, make sure you find enough space to fit the name of your company within the logo. Letterform logos help the customers remember the name of your brand much better than abstract logos. Also, remember that each color is assHYPERLINK “” located with something, and you should choose the one that represents your business the best.

Get a prominent location

Your location is also going to be of great importance for brand building. You will want your business to be situated somewhere prominent and easy to get. Otherwise, consumers will turn to the businesses that they can reach easier. Also, make sure that your office or store is well-designed and organized. Put up a big sign at the entrance so that it can be seen from a great distance. Have in mind that 25cm big letters can be seen from around 30m. The bigger the sign more likely you are to attract customers. Again, be careful with colors. Color contrast is critical when it comes to how noticeable your sign is.

Establish social media presence

Let’s face it, the internet has become an integral part of our lives and is the first thing we turn to when we need something. Exactly because of this, you should make sure your business is present online. This, first of all, means that your company has a well-designed website. If you do not know much about HTML coding, contact professionals how will design your website for you. Remember to update all the prices and information regularly. Another thing you should do is start advertising your business on social media. Facebook and Twitter are the best choices. Do not try to steal the show from the consumers. Overloading their homepages with your posts is not really the best way to promote your brand. A post per day or two is just enough.

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is another great place you can build your brand at. Depending on what your line of business is, you can record instructional videos and upload them on your channel. When looking for instructions, most of the people turn to YouTube and this makes it a perfect place for brand promotion. Just make sure you mention your business in the video as well as the contact information. Share the videos on your social media profile and make sure it gets as many views as possible.

Design interesting promotional material

Giving the consumers your promotional material is another great way to build your brand. A study conducted in 2012 showed that 66% of the participants could recall the brand in the next 12 months after getting a piece of promotional material. And 87% of them kept the item they got and used it for at least a year. Still, it is important to choose just the right items to give to the consumers. Pens and key chains are something many companies give and maybe the best thing to do is to choose something different. Cell phone cleaning cloth is a cheap option that consumer are definitely going to use. Another interesting idea is to give the consumers promotional umbrellas printed with the logo of your company.

Branding is a difficult process which will not happen overnight. Be patient and do whatever you can to bring your small business closer to the potential customers. As soon as the word starts spreading around about your company, the business is going to blossom.




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