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Benefits of Weight Loss and Cycling

Benefits of Weight Loss and Cycling

Benefits of Weight Loss and Cycling
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If you’ve ever browsed the Internet for ways to lose weight, you know the importance of a cardio-vascular workout.  The common debate isn’t on whether cardio will help you achieve weight loss (it will, undoubtedly), but rather on which way is the most efficient. While every cardio-vascular exercise has basic merits in terms of calorie shedding, cycling has indeed been proven to be one of the best ways to tackle weight loss problems or simply shedding the winter fat.

Weight Loss Cycling Benefits

Although it may not seem so, cycling at a medium pace actually targets fat cells for energy, or in other words – it targets the “fat burning zone.” Opinions are divided as to which form of cardiovascular exercise is the most efficient; however, one thing is for certain – while most other types of cardio-vascular exercises, such as jogging, sprinting and stair climbing can damage your joints and cause permanent knee problems, cycling only impacts the fat and your muscles.

More importantly, strengthening your hip muscles, hamstrings, glutes and quads, not only help you burn fat, but while cycling, it’s provides your body with the kind of stability that benefits your general posture. Plus your body will continue to burn calories for quite a long time after the actual exercise.

Furthermore, being in the nature, breathing clean air will do wonders for your weight loss regimen. And your lungs and skin will thank you for the well-deserved sunlight, too. When it comes to cycling, the benefits aren’t solely represented in physical terms. Being alone with your vehicle, gliding through the air is a huge mental relief and, while jogging is quite similar in this manner, the distances you can cover on your bike greatly surpass those you can as a runner, allowing you to set off further into the nature, outside the city noise.

Chose work outs

Maintaining a healthy figure and losing weight, however, are two very different things. In order to shed pounds, you need to spend more calories than you take in and, while this will have a strong start in the very beginning, your body will always have a tendency to retain the fat and become used to physical activity. This is why it is important to constantly increase the distances that you cover daily. In order to do so, and for the sake of motivation, a smart way to go would be to physically outline a plan on a piece of paper, or on a calendar and follow it strictly.

As you increase your cycling distances, you’ll start craving better equipment. In order to cover a 10-minute workout, every bike will do. If you end up cycling for hours on end, however, you’ll start realizing that you’ll need to find a way around that nagging pain in your bottom. Furthermore, if you get a bike from, say Eurocycles, chances are, you’ll get a spike in motivation straight away.

Of course, complimenting your workouts with a proper diet is crucial loss. You should never go cycling on an empty stomach, so eat a bowl of healthy cereal before your routine. Skipping your breakfast means ridding yourself of the necessary fuel for the ride. Keep in mind that starving your body is never the way to go. Cycling is an interesting, efficient and beneficial way to lose weight. Give your metabolism a morning jolt by going out for a cycling session each morning and you’ll immediately start feeling the benefits, even before you start sweating all the fat out, which will follow in no time.




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