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Maintaining a Productive Work Environment

Maintaining a Productive Work Environment

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of keeping their employees productive in a work environment. It is not only about quantity, but, even more importantly – about the quality of service, products, etc. In order to achieve the mentioned quality, the employees of a business require motivation that doesn’t only come in a monetary form. Productivity owes a whole lot to the business environment of a company, even though this doesn’t relate directly to a business’s field of expertise. This is why a quality entrepreneur knows that they have to think outside the box, employing strategies and tactics which are often global for any company type, regardless of the given field of work.

Noise reduction in the work environment

In order to keep its workers productive, a company has to think about outside noise and clutter. When your employees are overwhelmed with tons and tons of work, the last think they want to think about is trivial issues such as noise problems. Furthermore, loud noises make things even such as conversations a challenge, so the issues they cause can even sometimes turn physical, in addition to mental. When we’re exposed to loud noises, our bodies release higher levels of epinephrine, which has a tendency to make us feel overwhelmed, overly excited and generally unable to concentrate. It is, therefore, crucial, to noise-insulate your place of business, in order to maintain levels of productivity at desirably high levels.


Outside influences, especially weather conditions, have a tendency to play tricks on our levels of productivity. While hot weather generally makes us frustrated and exhausted, cold environments tend to make us sleepy and, thus, unable to perform quality amounts of work. Even though the extremes definitely don’t pay compliments to a working environment, studies have shown that people are generally more satisfied at temperature levels below 80 degrees; between 71 and 77, to be quite exact. Maintaining a proper temperature is definitely not something to be disregarded easily, which is why having proper AC devices is vital when it comes to productivity.

This fact, however, drags along another problem: in order to keep an office environment healthy, these AC systems need to be professionally cleaned regularly. This is not to say, however, that setting aside a bit of cash for AC cleaning is inadvisable – on the contrary, it is more than desirable.

Lighting in General

Have you ever found yourself burning the late night oil? Doubtlessly, then, you know everything about the importance of working under a dim light. During the day, however, we have a marvelous opportunity to be exposed to the sunlight, which not only does wonder for our mental and physical health but, in addition, keeps us concentrated and dedicated to the work at hand.

On the other hand, we often find ourselves caught up in late night work, in the business of the modern world business. This is where proper indoor lights such as canopy ceiling LED fittings, LED low bay lights and LED high bay lights can do a world of wonder for productivity.


Working in a gray, dim, lifeless and bleak room has never inspired anyone to do more work. Furthermore, the mentioned, less-than-desirable, kind of work environment has a tendency to bring about a more corporate, another-brick-in-the-wall kind of vibrations. This is why a growing number of businesses is using colors, which scientifically match the desired needs of a business. For example, yellow brings out a sort of a bright, stimulating and cozy vibe, unlike color white, which has a bit of an open, yet neutral and sterile kind of stint to it. Red, on the other hand, tends to be arousing, yet firing and aggressive. The bottom line to be drawn here is that the color you should opt for (after a hefty amount of research, mind you) should match the desired needs of your company, rather than looking nice and fancy at the first glance. It should be kept in mind, however, that coloring does little good if the previously mentioned optimal lighting conditions aren’t met. As a due, lighting and coloring factors can do wonders for your company’s productivity.

A lot of research has been dedicated towards keeping the work environment productive and of quality. It should be mentioned, however, that all of the mentioned factors do little individually, while they can turn your business around, as a whole.


Diana Smith is a business entrepreneur and grateful mom of two beautiful girls. She writes about topics related to business, marketing, travel, and technology.

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