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Small Business Technology to Look Forward to in 2016

Small Business Technology to Look Forward to in 2016

New Trends in Business Technology

On the turning of each year, we often tend to look back and see what the year behind us has brought us. However, there is another tradition of looking at what may lie ahead. The speed at which business technology is developing has picked up in pace, itself, and improvements are bordering the impossible to imagine. It’s time now, to do exactly that – to look at what might be in store for us in the New Year, with regards to small business technology trends, so, without further ado, we present you a couple of interesting upcoming shifts to look forward to.

Mobile business technology

 It is fairly obvious that the smartphone isn’t going anywhere, at least for a time being. The benefits of using this technology are not only huge, but also pretty much a must-have. Since the beginning of the 2010s, young employees have been demanding the ability to be able to use business applications via their smartphones, and there is a reason for this – the ability to access a ton of information from anywhere. With a growing number of cross-platform business applications, we are slowly, yet certainly approaching the cease of hostilities between Android, iOS and Windows devices. As a small business owner, you need to get in touch with all new trends and get used to the fact that smartphones no longer are merely toys. It used to be that the use of mobile technology was forbidden, but now it comes even as an encouragement. It’s a brave new world!


Now, while this category and the previous one seem to be overlapping in many points (and they really do), it is vital that you separate the two, as business tools. While tablets are identical to smartphones, app-wise, there are many other benefits in store of these tiny monsters, such as a larger screen, which allows for easier reading and touchscreens of significantly better quality. Furthermore, tablets can be used in numerous ways to augment office space and other tedious processes. In order to properly prepare for the 2016’s new business trends, you need to make sure you’ve equipped all your employees with a quality tablet.


Since the introduction of the Cloud, the world of business has undergone tremendous change. Not only has this technology allowed business owners to store information, documents and data in general on a shared space, accessible by anyone with given access, but it has increased the speed at which doing business takes place. Nowadays, it’s borderline imaginable that you used to have to send an email containing updated documents and such to each of your employees. However, having all information stored in a single spot can turn out rather risky, not only in cases of lost documents, but also breaches and information theft. As the Cloud is getting more developed each year, so are the malicious hackers, who earn their bread and butter from illegally obtaining someone’s data. In order to follow the trend of cloud development, you need to make sure you’ve taken all the precautionary measures, such as remote access, encryption and proper password choosing.

General Safety

Not all security problems stem from the world of Interweb. If you are running a home-based business, your hardcopies might be in danger. It is generally advised to store your most important documents in physical form, given the hack threats. However, stranger things have happened than data-theft based home break-ins. It is crucial that you look into the technology of cmi safes in order to make sure your relevant data is kept safe. Additionally, you can store almost anything of value in these, so having one is greatly advised and of huge importance, especially if you’re working from home, as many small business owners do.

Automated Marketing

Small companies that manage to get through the initial period need to find a way to make sure their marketing remains autonomously functional. This is why you, as a small business owner, need to make finding the right automated marketing tools a primary concern.

These is only a couple of small business technology trends to keep an eye on in the new year. However, keeping an eye things that might seem trivial is the name of the game, especially with regards to small businesses. This article should only get you going…  Now go ahead and explore!



Diana Smith is a business entrepreneur and grateful mom of two beautiful girls. She writes about topics related to business, marketing, travel, and technology.

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