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Hack your Office-based Startup to Boost the Worker’s Productivity

Hack your Office-based Startup to Boost the Worker’s Productivity

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Office spaces have earned the reputation of being sterile and tedious, but there are many startups that are shifting this stale image. They realize that the office design and the visual appeal of the space have a profound effect on workers’ productivity. Hence, modern work environments are designed to motivate and move people, and help small businesses get their projects off the ground with flying colors. State-of-the-art offices are turning the old ideas upside-down, and spurring a real revolution in office design.

Function over form

Think beyond offices as real estate, they are communication tools and a fertile ground to nurture productivity. The first thing to keep in mind is that the space needs to be uncluttered. Mess and clutter are great stress-inducers, overwhelming people during work. It is best to go for a minimal, sleek modern design. Streamline the aesthetics, and remember that colors affect our mood and brain functions. Furthermore, lighting is another element that influences people’s ability to focus. Apart from industrial light, try to bring as much natural light as possible, and with it some much-needed fresh air.

Go with the flow

Instead of a workspace that reflects the culture of hierarchy, a new business philosophy embraces collaboration and interrupted flow of information. Take the example of Google who built its campus in such a way to increase the likelihood of chance encounters.  Moreover, Facebook decided to situate several thousands of employees in a mile-long room. Some workers do complain about a lack of privacy, so tackle this issue with obstacles like dividers. Also, remember that by merging digital lines of communication with well-design physical space, a company gets the best of both worlds.

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Pull up a chair

Having a chair and table that are correctly fitted is of the utmost importance for office work. Adjustable chairs are preferable, and it is also a good idea to provide risers so that the computer screen is positioned accordingly.  I was quite satisfied with a wide array of quality office furniture in Sydney, so visit your local shops and take your time when purchasing.  You can go for stylish furniture that introduces exciting splashes of color into the workspace. Also, note that it is not uncommon for offices to feature couches, standing desks, and amenities you would expect to find in private resorts.

The multipurpose

A modern office space is networked, shared and it serves multiple purposes. Today, a bulk of thing gets done outside the conventional office space, and a lot of attention is turned to breakout rooms, conference rooms, and lounge areas, where new work groups cluster. Every space can be reconfigured to accommodate evolving teams, so, why not turn the lobby into an impromptu office? Multipurpose and open office design has an edge over closed cubicles and helps businessmen make good use of every inch of space.

Time it right

Time is indeed money. Most meeting should not exceed 30 minutes, unless there are several crucial issues to discuss. Also, take advantage of business communication tools and possibilities like holding video conferences. By saving time like this, you can let the workers rest for a bit longer, which is essential for their productivity. Those who try to be in full throttle the whole day end up feeling exhausted, nervous and anxious. Our minds cannot withstand heart-stopping pace and achieve optimal productivity without taking breaks.

Back to the future

With the help of modern technology, data and organizational metrics, it is possible to create interiors for specific performance outcomes. Therefore, businessmen must realize that the office is a strategic tool for business growth and re-engineer the traditional outline. The idea is to enable face-to-face communication because it is employee interaction what makes or breaks business operations. Thus, an office that spars collaboration and encourages innovation is a thing of the future. And, well, that future is now.

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