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Dream Tonight with Natural Allergy Relief

Dream Tonight with Natural Allergy Relief

Dream Tonight with Natural Allergy Relief

(MP) Allergies are comparable to the plague, especially for those with bad cases. If you have allergies there are plenty of over-the-counter medicines to choose from. But these drugs can leave you feeling fatigue or even high strung.  And who want to stick another nasal spray up their nose? Good news is there is natural allergy relief available that take away to need to consume medications. By avoiding certain foods and taking the right supplements — you’ll be on your way to an allergenic free lifestyle.

Top Foods to Avoid

Fresh fruits and vegetables – Provide important nutrients and generally do not cause allergic reactions. A juice fast can help with detoxification.

Clean lean protein – Helps the immune system. Try 3 or 4 oz at minimum – per meal.  Watch out for shellfish, it has been shown to cause food allergies, so avoid it at all cost.

Flax and Chia seeds – Can reduce systemic inflammation leading to a reduction in symptoms. Adding Chia seeds or ground flax seeds to salads or a smoothie is a great way to take these important foods.

Ginger – Is a great anti-inflammatory herb. Just add a small amount to green juices, soups or  make ginger tea.

Cold-pressed oils – Coconut oil, palm oil, and olive oil are easy to digest and anti-inflammatory.
Foods to Avoid

Gluten – A protein found in most foods processed from wheat and related grains, such as barley and rye. It is likely to be found in most packaged foods. Gluten ranks at the top of allergenic causing foods.

Conventional Dairy – The dairy pasteurization destroys necessary enzymes and in turn can cause allergic reactions. In addition, the protein found in most North American cattle contains a type of protein known as beta casein A1. This protein has been shown to cause allergic reactions because of its histidine amino acid which is a trigger for both food and seasonal allergies.

Trans fats and hydrogenated oils – These contain fats that increase inflammation which may lead to immune reactions.

Eggs – Can be allergenic mucus producing for some people. Check with you doctor to see if you belong to this group.

Processed foods – Contain additives (under the term natural flavors or certain food dyes) that can cause allergic reactions in certain people.

Doctors See Spike Of Patients With Winter Allergies

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Allergy doctors are seeing a spike in patients these last couple of weeks. They are blaming it on the warm, humid weather that’s become the perfect breeding ground for spores. And as Gigi Barnett reports, experts say expect a spring

Top 5 Supplement for Allergy Relief

1. Stinging Nettles (300-500mg 2x daily)

Shown to be effective in reducing hay fever by reducing overall histamine production. Try Swanson’s Stinging Nettles at Amazon ($6.50).

2. Quercetin (1000 mg daily)

An anti-inflammatory flavonoids work well for allergy relief, and is found in red wine, green tea, citrus, and onions. Supports immune function and healthy histamine levels also helps manage seasonal discomfort. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation and hay fever. Get the best at Now Foods $30.

3. Vitamin C (2,000mg daily)

A powerful antioxidant that has antihistamine properties. It can also boost the immune system. For value I really like Nature’s Way at $10.91 per. Try out a bottle of vitamin C today!

4. Bromelain (250 mg daily)

Other allergy relief can be found in pineapple enzymes which reduce swelling especially in the nose and sinuses. I love Now Foods Bromelain at $17 bucks. I suggest you try the brands for particular supplements we recommend, as you know sometimes brands don’t deliver on what their outside packaging.

5. Raw Honey (2 tbsp daily)

Look for local, raw honey in your local health food store or market. It’s best to buy local made honey because the bees make honey out pollen found in common plants in your area. Dosing yourself daily with honey made from these local plants helps your body adjust to dealing with the common allergens from these plants.

Try Essential Oils

Eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil can open up the lungs, sinuses and improve circulation reducing allergies. Creating your own homemade vapor rub is an effective treatment or breathing it in with a diffuser. Also, diffusing tea tree oil can destroy airborne pathogens that cause hypersensitivity.

Other  Natural Treatments

Using a Neti pot ($13) is also an effective natural treatment for reducing allergic reactions.

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