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Find the Right Company Managers for Your Business

Find the Right Company Managers for Your Business


There are few things more important in modern business world then hiring the right managers for your company. When competition is breathing down your neck, no mistakes are allowed, so therefore, you must keep your eyes on the ball, and make important decisions that suit your business. And hiring the right company managers to keep your business on track is one of the most significant decision you’ll ever make.

What does the right managers look like?

The plan

First of all assess your situation properly, and ask yourself do you really need extra management on the team? People who are overburdened with work tend to think that they need help, but it happens that this is just a shortcut to get some extra free time. You should also consider adding new employees to your staff in case that there is real need or in case someone quits. If you just need one extra hands, consider which department or section of your company needs help, and based upon the facts, you start building a profile of the employee needed. Also, take into consideration the salary required, and if the numbers do not match, you can always outsource the work for a brief period.

The competition

After you announced that you will hire someone, expect a big number of applicants. People today quit and lose their jobs for various reasons, and the competition is huge. Make a list of characteristics your employee should have and add up several optional ones, which will be considered as a bonus. Those without proper education should be dropped at the beginning, if your a small company who can spare time to teach. Also, make it clear that you need person with previous experience , this will help you to narrow the prospects at the very beginning. Next I recommend you make a list of five to ten people and call them again to schedule a second interview.


This is the point where you need to leave at most two or three people. Listen carefully about their goals and qualifications. Sometimes people tend to brighten up things, but do not be afraid. If potential employee states how he was highly valuable member of the team in previous company, ask if it would be in order to call his former employee and ask for opinion. Whether you will do so or not is less important, what is truly of value is his reaction. If he agrees, there is big chance that he really was important, but if you have an impression that it would be unpleasant for him, then he probably just “spiced up” his bio.

On the field

Those who pass all the tests still need to prove that they can really do the job for which they are applying. The best way to see this is to give them a few days of trial, and to see from there. People from RSP Recruitment agency  told us that it happened on several occasions that people were matching “on the paper”, but their actual skills were far less impressive. Use this opportunity to explain how your company works and see if that suits them in the first place. Of course, if you are holding up to your reputation, all the benefits including healthcare, dental insurance and other must be included. Usually, at the end, you will be left with only one candidate which will probably become a part of your management team.

In any case, you should always be very careful. It may be easy to show the door to someone, but that’s not the reputation you’re building, right?  If you show appreciation, sacrifice and dedication to your employees — managers will stand in line just for the opportunity to work for your company.


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Diana Smith is a business entrepreneur and grateful mom of two beautiful girls. She writes about topics related to business, marketing, travel, and technology.

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