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Want to Really Save Money on Groceries?

Want to Really Save Money on Groceries?

Want to Save Money on Groceries?

Frugal (MP) As if grocery prices weren’t already high enough – with minimum wage hikes occurring across the states – you can bet you’re about to spend much more on groceries. Whether you’re rich or poor, nobody likes spending more than they have to. And I bet right now you wish you didn’t have to spend so much at the supermarket. Let’s look at a few ways you can save on your groceries.

Help me save on my groceries

1. Make a plan!

Creating a meal plan for your loved ones will help you lessen the amount of cash that you need to budget for food without skimping on your family’s dietary requirements. Prepare a schedule of meals to follow for a week or even a month helps to cut down on meal costs. Purchasing food products in bulk reduces food costs as the price per pound or ounce of ingredients typically are lower for large, bulk items than for smaller packages. Items which can typically be bought in bulk include staples like potatoes, rice and pasta.
Try eMeals.com to save money. Their service plans your meals according to what’s on sale in your local supermarket. The service cost about $5 monthly, but isn’t it worth it if you really save $25 to $50 each week on groceries!

2. Shop strategically!

In an effort to get a handle on your grocery spending, you have to know what the high and low prices are of your favorite items. By tracking their price trends, you’ll learn what their lowest price points are. Once they hit this point, you’ll know that’s the time to buy. Beware of strategically placed items in your supermarket. A particular product maybe priced more or less based on where it is place in the store. Items like cheese made available on the exotic cheese table will be 40% more than those found in the cooling container.

3. Slash Meat costs!

Snatch up packages of meat which have been reduced for quick sale. Then, make use by the date on the package or freeze them to be used later. Instead of buying ground beef, purchase a chuck roast on sale and either grind it yourself or ask the butcher to perform it for you. The final product will be the same, but you’ll spend a lot less for it. Purchase smaller amounts of meat. Then, stretch it with oatmeal, breadcrumbs or another cheap low caloried fillers. Try going meatless once a week. Come on you can do it.

4. Forget the major brands!

Store brands are just as good as major food brands. The way you can tell is by checking the nutritional info, if the ingredients are the same, presso you’ll likely be just as satisfied. Store brands typically have a better money-back guarantee also. Whenever we’re not satisfied we bring back any unused portion. And we’ve never had a problem!

5. Get apps!

It’s nice to have a helping hand from technology and right now you can save tons of money by using grocery apps. Here are some you may want to consider.

1. Farmstand: itunes or Google Play.

2. GroceryPal: itunes or Googleplay .

3. Coupon Sherpa

4. Apples2oranges

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