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Cyber Security Tools Roundup for 2015

Cyber Security Tools Roundup for 2015


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There are many different ways you can become a victim of cyber-crime. In recent years, we saw several big company hacks and data breaches that initiated worldwide scare. In this article, we reviewed some of the most advanced pieces of cyber security software that offer full on- and offline protection.

Best Cyber Security Recipes

Dashlane 3- Password Manager

Strong passwords are the first line of defense against cybercrime. Inventing and remembering strong passwords can be a bit tricky; since they usually include capital letters, numbers, other symbols and various phrases.

Dashlane 3 is a free app. It works on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac and it comes with many useful features, including:

  • Secure password sharing;
  • Password rates on the dashboard;
  • Automatic changer;
  • Online shopping tracking;
  • Touch ID identification for Apple devices;

One of the most useful features Dashlane 3 comes with is an Emergency password recovery that includes emergency contacts feature, which passes all of your password data to added contacts, in case something happens to you. The only disadvantage of this password manager is that it comes with fewer two-factor authentication choices than its main rival LastPass.

McAfee- Antivirus Software

McAfee is definitely one of the most advanced cyber security – antivirus programs. It can be bought for only $13,99 on Amazon, which is a great deal, taking into consideration that it received an excellent editor rating on PC Mag. It works on iOS, Windows, Android and MAC and has a great lab, anti-phishing and URL blocking scores. It also comes with:

  • Secure deletion;
  • Advanced vulnerability scans;
  • System cleanup;
  • Remote management;

Unlike other antivirus programs it can be used on many different OS and gadgets, with only one subscription. You can learn more about antivirus security at this link.

ZoneAlarm- Third-Party Firewall

Firewalls protect your computer from cyber-criminal activities, automated viruses, and other malware. Most OSs have built-in firewalls that are automatically enabled, but if you want to upgrade your computer security, you should think about buying a third-party firewall.

ZoneAlarm is the number one third-party firewall on the market. Its set of features include:

  • Identity protection;
  • Online backup;
  • Attack resistance;
  • Program internet access management;
  • Credit monitoring;

This firewall used to bring lots of toolbar baggage and homepage changes, but now it doesn’t do that anymore. Unfortunately, it also comes with a small set of disadvantages, like the lack of anti-phishing activity recognition and the fact that at the most secure level it detects both good and bad programs.

BitDefender SafeGo- Facebook Protection

The number of Facebook users is growing at a very fast pace, and this process is followed by increased number of malware that can be found on profile timelines and in inbox messages.

BitDefender SafeGo increases Facebook security by using anti-phishing and anti-malware engines for scanning links on friend’s timelines and in inbox messages. It also comes with features like QuickScan, that can be used for running on-demand PC scans and Friend o’Meter that tells you which friends are safe to socialize with.

Web of Trust- Link Reputation

This browser add-on improves your cyber security by marking all potentially harmful links you stumble upon while surfing the network. It comes with an algorithm that pulls information about potentially dangerous websites from third-party blacklists and it also incorporates user’s reputation.

Web of Trust marks websites in search engine results and on social media walls. It will alert you not to enter a fraudulent website and it also comes with parental control, which blocks websites with inappropriate content for children. It mostly relies of user’s website ratings, which can be a little bit less objective than results received from website analysis, but since Web of Trust community has millions of members who are sharing their ratings it is definitely the best free link reputation tool you can find online.

With using these program you will be able to browse the darkest corners of the web, without worrying about viruses, spyware or identity theft and increased cyber-crime rates for you will be nothing more than a fun fact you read online.

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