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Best Money Saving Travel Tips

Best Money Saving Travel Tips

Travel Tips to Help Save You Money

(MP) Travel tips isn’t necessarily a part of traditional thinking that denotes that should be expensive. Pushed by a travel industry, spending big money is a pricey philosophy built on the concept that you have the money and we want every penny should you decide to leave your home. They believe you are required to stay in plush hotels, eat at world-class restaurants, or go on packaged tours to have a wonderful time. However, it ain’t necessarily so. Let’s explore some travel tips to help you keep your cash.

Travel Tips That Save You Money

Below are my favorite travel advice to save money while visiting any destination in the world; from cheaper locations like Greece to more expensive countries like Switzerland. These can save you big money with very little effort. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Airline Tickets

Plan in advance and also visit discount websites to explore if there are better deals out there. Often these sites might charge you a service fee ($5 or so), but they can also combine flight segments from different airlines to provide you with a great deal.

2. Return through the Same Airport

Flying in and out of the same airport is just about always cheaper. It’s not only the flight tickets but the car rentals as well.

3. Flight Times

One of the best travel tips is to being flexible with travel days – Much airline pricing is derived from supply and demand, so sometimes it’s less expensive to leave the day before (or after). Search the dates of your respective travel plans and find out if spending an extra day will be worth it. This makes a benefit especially around major holidays. If you can, avoid flying out on a Thursday or Friday, or flying back on a Sunday, when flights generally are the most costly. You could end up saving up to $50 or more for longer flights.

4. Factor in Transport

Set up transportation from the airport to your hotel through a shuttle or van service online in advance of arriving at your destination.

5. Hotel Rooms

Instead of having two rooms, take into consideration the two-bedroom suites that some hotels provide. They will prove to be cheaper and you get just as much privacy with your personal room.

6. Ask for Upgrades

Sometimes smaller hotel chains are OK with giving you free upgrades (or even free nights). In the event you already have a reservation booked elsewhere, call them up and tell them that you’d consider changing if you possibly could get an additional night free.

7. Plan Your Meals

Work out where you will be and eat before you actually go out. This is simply not just good for your wallet, but your stomach find economical restaurants that tastes great.

8. Avoid Breakfast in Hotels

Chances are good that the breakfast from the hotel quite expensive and isn’t great. It probably pays to walk out the front door after your morning shower and find a local cafe. You might just stumble strait into a local favorite.

9. Exchange Currency

If you’ll be traveling to a country where you’ll need a different currency, try exchanging money at your hotel. Hotels often have the best rates, they don’t charge a fee and you can put any extra money you don’t need back in the safe deposit box in your room the moment you get it. Also, take advantage of countries with great exchange rates or down economies. Greece is still Greece (bad economy), and Japan, Russia, Australia, and India have all seen their currencies drop compared to the dollar, making them extremely affordable.

10. Go Off Season

Everyone wants to ski in Aspen or go to Jamaica in the winter. Consider this type of vacations in off-peak times (going in the spring instead). You find it not only cheaper, but less crowded.

11. Car Rentals

If you require a car rental for 7 days and will be in the same city for 5 and another city for 2 for example, break the rental period in two and have a 5-day same location rental and another 2-day one day rental. Perhaps you may need to go through the process twice, but it really doesn’t take that long and it might save you a few hundred dollars. Also, some US-based agencies, such as Hertz and Enterprise, have an overseas presence. Overseas rental agencies include Auto Europe and Europcar. See how to rent a car overseas at USNews.

12. Try Walking Around

Should your destination isn’t that far away, consider asking the locals for directions and walking there. It’s a great chance for you to see the city, take pictures and get some exercise.


You don’t have to spends lots of money to have a fantastic time. You just need to gather information and execute a save money plan before you leave home.

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