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Productivity Tips for Managing Your Business

Productivity Tips for Managing Your Business


Today I want to talk business productivity tips. And none knew about it better than Benjamin Franklin. He once stated, “Time is money and money is Time.” And the statement still holds true today. Why are majority of businesses allowing themselves to waste so much time? Yes, according to recent survey conducted by 7 out of 10 people said they waste time at work every day. And with only 30% of employees working at their full capacity it is no wonder some businesses find fighting the competition increasingly difficult task. Avoid this unpleasant situation and use some of these productivity tips to improve your employees’ but also your own efficiency.

Productivity tips for business

Plan in Advance

There is nothing easier than wasting a horrible amount of time by catching up with the tasks that should be already done a night before. Make sure that you and your employees are ready to start working the moment you arrive at work. If you want to go even further, try to plan your entire day and schedule employees’ obligations in advance. You will sleep much easier and remain more efficient throughout the entire next day.

Keep Your Head in the Clouds

Your staff cannot be efficient if its tools are not up to task. Unfortunately, in today’s frantic business environment where companies are rising and falling over the course of night, the old software solutions we have gotten used to for years now may be somewhat obsolete. Today, the world of collaborative software and remote access is being ruled by the Cloud apps, and we might add deservedly so. Therefore you should not hesitate to jump this speeding bandwagon. Just check few business software reviews and we are sure you will find the perfect solution.

Discourage Multitasking

Although it seems like it can save you a lot of time, multitasking is poisonous to productivity. As a matter of fact, according to one of the recent studies only 2.5% of the sample showed no performance decrements while performing single and dual tasks. Unless your staff is made entirely out of these extremely gifted persons, you should strongly discourage multitasking.  Productivity tips suggest focusing on only one activity at the time will provide you with much more quality results, and double the productivity so, in the end you will not waste any time in the process.

Track the Performances

If you want to make any kind of progress, you should first know what your current performance is and how you can find some room for improvements. And there should always be some room for improvement. Fortunately, productivity is something very measurable. Start by checking your books, and weekly sales to determine positive and negative trends. If, you notice significant fluctuations find the reasons behind them. Making individual performance charts should not be a bad idea, either. After you are done, direct your attention to the online realm. Put the Google Analytics and other useful tools to good use and determine what is working and who is working in your marketing department.

Focus on Team-Building Instead of Micromanaging

Your employees are perfectly capable to make the important decisions on-the-go, and work as a well-oiled team. Good Productivity tips says if they are not, help them to become a great team.  There are enough team-building exercises and other ways to improve their common performance, so you should not have too much trouble pulling this off. Once you are there, though, do not interfere in your team’s’ internal decisions. You will waste your time, you will waste their time, and you will prevent them from fulfilling their obligations in the way they find the most efficient.

Efficiency is like a heart pumping the blood through your business’s body. If it is not present, you may have the best tools, and the best personnel in the world, but you will, nevertheless, come off as still. Use the tips we gave you and we are sure you will prevent this unfortunate scenario from ever occurring.

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Nate M. Vickery is a business and financial consultant from Sydney, Australia. He has years of experience in giving small businesses and entrepreneurs financial advice, as well as personal money making and saving advice.

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