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Become an Online Virtual Freelancer

Become an Online Virtual Freelancer

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(MP) If you’re looking for part-time, flexible hours, or virtual freelancer jobs that work from home, then becoming virtual worker online maybe right up your alley. Everywhere, people are specifically looking for professional, legitimate jobs that offer this kind of flexibility, telecommuting, and freelance contracts. And guess what, employers are recruiting talented people like you to help them accomplish short-term tasks. Sounds interesting? Here’s what to do?

Set Up Virtual Freelancer workplace!

Every business that is operated or managed from home will require some sort of work space, but not all will require an office in the traditional sense. The type of space you will need for your virtual freelancer office will be minimal. Get organize and select a work space that is large enough to operate your business. Equipment check? Computer, printer, fax-machine, cellphone, are merely the basics starting out.

Fill Out Your Resume!

Fill out your entire resume profile an place it one various sites. It will help give employers a greater sense of who you are, as well as where your key strengths lie. It’s also an opportunity to recall all of your previous job positions, what you’ve learned along the way, and where you’re headed.

Get Technical!

For virtual freelancer work, no matter the job, the key is to know how to communicate online via instant messaging, message boards, and virtual meeting tools and how to use document-sharing tools like Dropbox and Google Docs. These are free tools that if you’re not already familiar with, you should go create account(s) and start using now.

Get Virtual Jobs!

You can find jobs on sites like, RatRace, and Craigslist.

You simply pick and choose tasks that match your expertise and skills. Some sites will ask you perform an online assessment to determine you skill level or to submit a work sample, but that it.

Some of the hottest virtual jobs available are:

  • Customer services reps
  • Virtual admins
  • Data entry reps
  • Writers, editors
  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Programmers, developers, software engineers
  • Marketers
  • Writers
  • Health care roles
  • Program or project managers

Get Paid Right!

Flex jobs vary widely in how much they pay, for virtual freelancer work, depending on the specific skills, education, level and tasks required. To make sure the rate you’re being offered is competitive, check sites like and — to find out job description and expected base salaries.

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