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4 Essential Software Tools for Smooth Startup Launch

4 Essential Software Tools for Smooth Startup Launch

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Your business is somewhat as an artwork, a painting that is starting from pure white paper and with the right colors and brushes you will be able to create something extraordinary. As Henry Hoskins once said “The greatest masterpieces were once only pigments on a palette”. It is a world of possibilities, but also a world of traps along the way. Not many startups grow to become giants in their field of work. In fact, according to Forbes, 90 percent of them will fail in the mere battle for survival. That is no reason to despair, though. Use that bleak and hard truth to learn how to survive. This essential software will help you stay on the surface and become successful.

Project-Management Tools

Organization is the essence of every business, and it requires planning, projecting and communication. Keeping track on the advancement of some project and working tasks is always essential and especially if you have at-home workers or more than dozen of employees. Luckily, there are numerous project-management tools that will help you stay on the calendar, monitor progress and communicate more efficiently. One of them is the popular platform, Basecamp, which will make your job easier with file sharing, messaging system and to-do lists. Trello is a quite decent option for startups, but as the time goes by, you can bump into some problems. Kanban Tool is not a free platform, but it is efficient enough and worth the investment.

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Cloud Storage Tools

Cloud computing is the reality of today’s business world. It is useful not only for storing large data, but the sensitive files, too. In fact, more than 50 percent participants of the survey about cloud trust the ability of cloud providers to protect confidential data. Still, not every cloud provider is equally as trustworthy. The ones that, besides the regular services, offer data encryption too, are the most reasonable choice. In case that you are dealing with clients’ personal data or other sensitive information, you should opt for services such as pCloud, Mega, Tresorit, CertainSafe, etc.

Payment Getaways

These platforms are necessary for businesses with online stores. They are in charge of authorizing credit card payments and simplifying the fund transfer between the payment portal and the bank. Besides clients’ data, their money is the thing you should keep secure to earn their trust. Choosing a trustworthy ecommerce payment getaway is, therefore, your obligation. There are numerous options to choose from, but some of the best are Alternative Payments, Payment Depot, Flagship Merchant Services, etc.

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Communication Tools

Last, but not the least, tools that will enable you to communicate with the employees and their mutual communication, are necessary, especially if your business include telecommuting. Similar to project-management tools, they are essential to keep the work going smooth. Still, there is a slight difference, because these tools exist to solve minor problems or things that happen along the way that do not have anything to do with a certain project. They will help the employees to keep up the pace with the changes in the firm and business world and improve their mutual relationships, which is essential for a successful cooperation. That way, you will create a unique ecosystem where some of the daily tasks will be solved much faster and efficient. Some of the platforms you can turn to are Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts and Webex.

As your startup continues to grow, some upgrades regarding the tools will be necessary. For now, you should do just fine with these four groups. The most important thing to consider, when choosing some of the mentioned platforms, is how it can improve your business.

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