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Influence of Technological Change on Business

Influence of Technological Change on Business

Business (MP) Steering your business boat through waters of challenge had been difficult for the past several years. Luckily, modern technology changes are here to help you reach a safe harbor of success. The face of the average business has changed irretrievably. It will never be the same, so it can just keep getting better and better. Let us see how exactly modern technological change has influenced our businesses.

Explore Current Technological Change on Business


Can you remember, when was the last time you saw a businessman without cellphone? Surely, way back when cellphones were not as popular as they are today. This fact speaks for itself, for not just for talking and texting, smartphones of today are real working platforms. Accessibility of data gives them huge importance. Also, many applications are cross-platform oriented; meaning that at the same time you can use the same file from Android powered phone, and Windows-based computer. This technological change is leading manufacturers in this area; Google (with its application, Google Drive), and Dropbox, has made life much easier for consumers. For example, if you are in a car, and a emergency occurs, you can pull over, open Dropbox app on your phone and send required file in seconds. The whole process takes less time than to boot Windows operating system.


With this “Boom!” of technological change in appliances, the competition of these manufacturers had grown, which further reduced the price of these software. In fact, it reduced it so much, that most offers free basic package of services. There are those, of course, which are not free, but there is an alternative for everything. For example, Microsoft Office Package costs about 70$ per year, its alternative WPS Office is around 50$ for lifetime, and Open Office is completely free. Narrowly specialized software, such as bookkeeping ones, need to be bought, but in yet again, the competition reduced their price as well.

The Internet

Modern life is almost impossible to imagine without daily usage of World Wide Web. Everything is being stored there, from important files, images, music, movies, etc., you name it, and you can find it online. This modern wonder is of such good use, that many business owners had used all of its advantages. Being followed on Twitter, or having a neat looking website are the things which measure the popularity and success of a company. In addition, slowly but steadily, the Internet is taking primary lead over standard cellphone providers. Setting up a conference call on Skype costs you nothing, and you can include people from all over the world. Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook chat are not just ways to kill time, but an essential communication channels.


Already mentioned Internet gives the opportunity to small business owners to get heard about. This in longer run, builds a good reputation about that company. An average consumer’s thoughts are: “This Company seems nice, let me check online… Wow, nice site. Comments are positive, yeah, I will hire them.” And that is how more and more people daily are functioning. In addition, reaching out to new business partners was never easier, or if you need a good feedback analysis, it is enough to make a questionnaire online, and pass it to your users via e-mail.

The office

Freedom of ideas had resulted with freedom of mind. The best way to see this is just to take a look at an average office today. It looks cozy and friendly, sporting lazy-bags and nicely set coffee kitchens. Not a trace of those old, gloomy, two paint colored walls, or heavy atmosphere. Modern office furniture makes long hours at work bearable, for instead of focusing on low price, the main concern of manufacturers is well-being of workers, so chairs have quality back support, you workers won’t suffer anymore.

When all things are taken into consideration, one fact is clear, modern technology changes the direction of business development. And in a good way too! Following trends had become standard when business is considered, and it will surely stay that way.


Diana Smith is a business entrepreneur and grateful mom of two beautiful girls. She writes about topics related to business, marketing, travel, and technology.

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  1. Modern life is almost impossible to imagine without internet.modern technology changes the direction of business development.thanks for sharing all these updates on modern technology.

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