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How to Buy a New Fall Wardrobe for Less

How to Buy a New Fall Wardrobe for Less

Fugal (MP) Autumn is right around the corner, which means it’s time to freshen up your fall wardrobe. And although you want the new clothes you don’t want to empty your wallet! Why not put some of our fugal living ideas into practice and save $100’s on your next shopping experience.

You may already have some fall wardrobe items from the last year, in your closet. So no need to spend to much money to follow the latest trends, I mean you will still look great if you know how to combine your winter gear with new fall items. Sometimes, all you need is some beautiful accessories and new comfy jacket. Let our coupon and sales strategies help reduce your fall outfits bill.  Follow the tips found below to give your shopping strategy a turbo boost!

Fall Wardrobe Savings Strategies

1. Get discounts for recycling unwanted clothes!

Several national outfit and shoe retailers (like H&M, North Face, American Eagle and Forever 21), will provide you a voucher for up to 10% off you next wardrobe purchase in turn for bringing in a bag of used clothes, shoes and belts you no longer want! They take part in the I:CO recycling program that turns cotton, leather along with other raw materials into new products, such as home insulation and sofa cushions. To find available stores offering this money-saving option, visit I:CO Trader Partners.

2. Discover the lowest prices in nano-seconds!

Have you noticed a blouse, skirt or any other item you’d love to add to your closet? Prior to buying it, do a search for the item on Fashion search websites show you instantly which retail stores is selling at the lowest price, if it’s offered for sale on eBay or if there’s another item which looks just like it.

[hoot_box type=”info” color=”yellow” icon=”fa-hand-o-right”] One of the good things about our fall outfits for less strategies is they can be used during any season.[/hoot_box]

3. Get money back for price drops!

Feeling frustrated when you buy an item only to find its price got reduced just a day later? Many stores (like JC Penny, Macy’s and Target) will refund the difference if an item goes on sale during a certain time frame from the date of purchase – usually seven to 14 days. And tracking all your purchases along with their prices is easy: Register the item at sites like and If the item goes on sale or is being sold for less, an email notifying you will be sent. Then simply bring your receipt to the store’s customer service desk and ask for your cash back. Also read our “How to get Money Back on Anything.”

4. How to earn rewards for visiting stores?

By downloading the free app ShopKick for your smartphone, you earn points every time you enter any of the thousands of participating stores around the country. Points can then be redeemed for gift cards or a percentage off your next fall wardrobe purchase! Download the app from the App Store or Google Play or by visiting

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