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Top 6 Ways to Pick Winning Penny Stocks

Top 6 Ways to Pick Winning Penny Stocks

Stock (MP) Getting into penny stock trading is just the start of becoming a smart investor. If you ever wondered what penny stocks are, they are stocks of those companies which do not have a big share price. This is of course the reason behind several investors not taking the time to look into these companies. That being said, the profit that you can make is immense, provided you pick your right penny stock. Following the next few tips, you will be able to spot a winning penny stock with ease.

Get familiar with the business

Trading penny stocks is similar to regular stock trading, yet there are noticeable differences. Nevertheless, it will be necessary that you pay attention to the various penny stock terms being used, so that you do not miss out on something that might be lucrative in the end. Furthermore, unless you understand what is going on around you, it will be very hard to make the right calls when it is time.

Do not estimate the share outstanding

You should not neglect how many shares you can buy, and you should not only look at the price. Often, it is best to look into stocks that are priced lower, as you will be able to buy more shares in the end. If the prices skyrocket, the math will work for you. However, this does not mean that you should ignore higher-priced penny stocks, just keep it in mind.

Be wary of diluting shares

In order for a company to raise its capital, sometimes it will be necessary to issue more stocks, and by doing so, the prices will dilute. Not only is this bad news, but it will lower the ownership percentage of said stocks, and you will have a smaller chance at getting a great return once the company becomes successful.

Pay attention to how the prices oscillate

Keep an eye on how the relative strength index is moving around, so that you are able to figure out how much you will make in the end. Moreover, it will be a good indicator whether the price of the shares will increase or decrease in the future. However, you should not rely on this information solely, as it could change as rapidly as the penny stock’s worth.

Be careful with penny stocks spikes

Just because penny stocks maybe spiking does not mean that it is the right time to strike and sell them. Be very careful with some of the signs showing how the shares are going to behave. After all, a spike could end up not actually being a spike. Always give your penny stocks some time to see if the share prices are going up. Moreover, you will have to be patient, and you will need to learn when the right time is to sell in order make the most money.

Research the company

To be able to watch how a company develops, you will first have to get to know the company. Learn about their goals and how they go about developing their business. By examining this information, it could give you a clear idea on what the future might hold for its shares (penny stocks).

In the end, trading with stocks will take some time; you will have ups and downs, and you should not be afraid to lose some money. After all, it is a very risky business, and if you get everything right, you can earn a big profit at the end. Just remember that the more risky it is, the better the payout will be as well, and the more money you will earn. Smart investing will lead to successful trading in penny stocks and other stocks as well.

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Nate M. Vickery is a business and financial consultant from Sydney, Australia. He has years of experience in giving small businesses and entrepreneurs financial advice, as well as personal money making and saving advice.

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  1. Yes, because of that many think that they are safe. But you must do good research first in order to know the company in which you are planning to invest.

  2. Good information about getting in on the ground floor of investing in penny stocks. Especially, how you explained that penny stocks are company shares that don’t necessarily have a big price share in the markets but, none-the-less can bring added valuable to one’s portfolio. Thanks!

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