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Make Extra Money By Tweeting Daily

Make Extra Money By Tweeting Daily

Make Extra Money By Tweeting Daily

(MP) Getting paid for Tweeting is one of the most overlooked online hustles. Everyday celebrities and average people just like you are make money with tweets. They’re paid by businesses and ad agencies. Celebrities, like P. Diddy and George Lopez (just to name a few) endorse products on twitter and make sizable fees doing so. However, let’s be completely realistic, nobody is going to pay you $5000 to tweet their ad to your few hundred followers.

However, businesses today are realizing that the average consumer is more likely to buy products if endorsed by their own friends and family. Which is why the sites mentioned below are now making it possible for the average tweeter (you) to make a few bucks from tweeting promoting ads. Earning between $100 and $1,000 per day using the sites listed below is not unheard of. The trick is setting up as many accounts on twitter, getting followers and tweet as many as you can.

Which sites Pay you to Tweet!

1. SponsoredTweets – One is absolutely the biggest site of its kind and where big names like P. Diddy gets paid to tweet. They handle the world’s biggest brands!

2. – This is where even average joe/jane can take tweets to the bank by earning up to $5 per tweet. You can sign up and a Twitter User or Advertiser and start making money online today.

3. – Another content marketing system that will pay you up to 80% for your efforts.

How much money can you make tweeting?

That really depends on how much time you can spend tweeting. If you’ve got 8 hours a day to work with making money with tweets you can earn big $$$ every single day but, if you only have 30 minutes per day than it’s going to be hard to maximize your fullest potential.

But here are some examples:

1 Twitter profile
1 account on each advertising company
1 campaign per day per company
Around 2,000 followers
US$5 per tweet

You would earn around $25 per day.

Let’s create a better outlook to how much you can earn:

3 Twitter profiles
3 accounts on each advertising company (one for each Twitter profile)
1 campaign per day per company
Around 10,000 followers (your cost per tweet will be higher)
$15 per tweet

You would be earning around $225 per day.

Other ways to make money on twitter!

There are other ways to make money on Twitter, as Mark Chafkin explains it. He goes on to list five strategies in this short brilliant article, I believe will open new possibilities to you.

Bonus: Earn extra cash Face Painting!

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