How to Find Cheap Textbooks Online?

How to Find Cheaper Textbooks Online

How to Find Cheap Textbooks Online

Save Money (MP) The new school year means new courses and cheap textbooks… And textbooks mean lots of cash going out of your pocket. As per College School Board, undergraduates going to a four-year college will spend about $1,200 on textbooks this year.

These days the cost of purchasing academic reading material can do more harm than good to your wallet; particularly on an undergraduate’s financial budget. The weight on your bank account is so great that you may choose not purchase the course study textbooks need.

Meanwhile, no single textbook option: Buying new and reselling, buying used, renting or buying digital is always cheapest.  However,  researching is certainly an exercise worth well worth it. If you would rather not pay list price at the campus bookstore, I recommend doing some homework before classes begin.

Find Cheap Textbooks Now

In any case, here’s the uplifting news: Consumer Reports discovered a couple of comparison websites that it says will help students save a shitload of money this year. I’ve added a few myself. The tools found on these website will help you track down the lowest cost textbooks available. You can buy, rent or even get digital textbooks online.

Just type in titles or ISBN #’s,  to find cheap textbooks. Many sites use price comparison tools, which will give the best available quotes for renting and buying new, used, digital or international editions.

Here are sites you ought to look at:







Other resources:

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