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Millionaires Are Saving Money at Walmart

Millionaires Are Saving Money at Walmart

Even Millionaires Are Saving Money at Walmart

Shopping (MP) Saving money at Walmart isn’t exclusive to the middle class plenty of millionaires like Beyoncé Knowles and Justin Bieber shop there too. Even pols like Mitt Romney is getting in on the action. I hear he stops by for water every now and then. In-fact lots of Millionaires engage in frugal spending on certain items. About 84% say they spend with a middle-class mindset, according to the AmEx/Harrison survey. And that means buying luxury items on sale, hunting for bargains – and also clipping coupons. “Most affluent households, including those with income above $100,000, are likely to spend with a middle-class mindset and that means using coupons,” according to Russ Prince at ADweek.

And if that wasn’t enough even our Canadian Millionaire counterparts are shopping at the store. One study showed three-quarters or 72% of the millionaires interviewed have shopped at the superstore, placing it ahead of other major retailers in Canada such as, The Bay (70%) and Sears (54%). While Canada’s millionaires likely have a lot more money to spend than most their countrymen, price and value still matter to them – a lot.  So, what does this tell you? If millionaires are saving money by shopping at the store, maybe it’s time to come down a peg and save some cash too!

Ways to Save Money at Walmart

1.  Ad Match Guarantee!

The company’s site says they’ll match the price for any identical items that’s advertised in a local competitor’s printed ad. You don’t even need to bring the ad and a cashier will match it right at the register. Products have to be identical to the ad (size, brand, quantity, flavor, color, etc). Minus: Ad Match does not apply to prices you find on online stores. But they’ll match:

  • Competitor’s ads that feature a specific item for a specific price
  • Fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb for lb; each for each)

And a good point to remember is the  Ad Match Guarantee is offered on all their products, not just groceries!

2. Get Money Back When Price is Lower!

The company is still a leader in refunding the difference when you buy a product for less than you brought it from their stores. You just gotta know where to look. Their new Savings Catcher Program alerts you if a local competing store is selling a product cheaper. You simply sign-up @, then scan your receipt or enter the barcode or via their smartphone app and Bamm!  If eligible products you bought were sold for less elsewhere at the time of purchase, you be sent the difference on a Rewards eGift Card or Bluebird by American Express Card. Now, how’s that for customer service?

Even Millionaires Are Saving Money at Walmart
Mitt Romney buys water at Walmart

3. Trade-in other merchants cards!

What if you don’t like some of the gift cards you receive on your birthday. How about electronic you no longer use? Trade them in for their Gadgets to Gift Cards program. Just visit the site, search for your product and fill out a survey to determine its value. Then print out a prepaid label and ship the product. — in return, you’ll get a Walmart gift card.

4. Save by printing coupons!

Before heading out for your next shopping trip, visit their Coupons page to see hundreds of printable coupons. Watch out for coupons that include trial sizes since, if the coupon value exceeds the price of the item, you get the difference back as cash or applied toward you purchase.

5. Walmart tells you about future deals!

Everyday, the store offers lots of special deals and sales — but monitoring them all can be difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, some shoppers are carrying out the work for you, scouring the retailers website and store circulars for the best offers around, then reporting them with their free blogs to help you take advantage! Find out the latest deals at and

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